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Hello and Thank you for  Inquiring about career opportunity's 

with the " Bartlesville Ice Cream " company,..

as a general rule , we operate " Seasonally " see > Discriptions < for each opening

Our street season runs from 1 Mar thru 30 Oct,.. we are closed for the winter break  ( 31 Oct - 28 Feb )   or as soon as it warms up after " Valentines 14 FEB ",..   

>> NOTE **  We operate a " 7 Truck Fleet "  in the Bartlesville / Washington county area,.  at this time we are  >" NOT "<  accepting any applications for openings within our company,..  We  " WILL "  Update this post as we expand  & openings become available,.. 

Plz check back, >or<  STILL Submit a resume above,. They are kept on file for 60 days ONLY !!  Initial Hiring is Feb,.. then throughout the year as openings dedicate..

Our  Drivers have the options of::   Part Time / Rotating shift,..    ( Total Employees / Drivers - 16,. Admin - 2, Maintenance - 2 )

Drivers: Part Time,. Mon , Wed,. Fri ,. (24 Hrs)    Part Time,..Tue, Thur,  Sat (24 Hrs)   Rotating Shift,. Wed,. Thu,. Fri,. Sat,. Sun  (32 hrs)

Admin :   Temporary  Part time only ,..  Stock / Fill / inventory  ( 30 Hrs )

Maintenance:   Part Time,.. ( 30 Hrs )  " Vehicles are " currently under contract for refitting, upgrades,. Equipment installation & body Wraps,..  we do not perceive a heavy maintenance  until the warranty period expires,..  would be limited to basic service & handling, warranty tracking / standard scheduled maintenance,.  

** NEW Vehicle's **  undergoing maintenance & inspections  at the mgf. during warranty period..

Duties / Job Requirements:     ***** ( ALL Employees ) - Subject to drug testing *****  !!!!  

** Verification to work in USA, Fingerprinting / Police Background report  Required by LAW !! 

We operate in accordance with  ALL  applicable Federal / State / Local mucipital Laws / regulations..   We have a   " ZERO " Tollerance policy  !!! 

Driver(s):   Mim age 16yrs, Drivers lic,. reliable transportation,. ( YES - if in school - work auth permit & Must maintain passing grades ),  Ability to perform simple math [ Test required ], Pass Back ground check IAW Oklahoma Employee verification,.  able to pass a road driving exam / test,.  understand safe driving techniques,  Have 20/20 or correctiable  to 20/20 vision, No sight / hearing difficulties that would compromise the safety of operating a vehicle in / around confined areas - close prox to kids,.  Good driving record !!

Admin:  Mim age 16 yrs,  reliable transportation,. ( YES - if in school - work auth permit & Must maintain passing grades )  Ability to perform simple math [ Test required ],  use of computer / spreadsheet programs, keep ledger / records,. basic accounting,.  understand stock accountability,.

Maintenance:  Mim age 16 yrs, reliable transportation,. ( if in school - work auth permit & Must maintain passing grades ) Can be currently enrolled in a TECH / Vocational  Automotive  program,. Preferred ASE training / training in progress / not required,.  Access to own Basic tools ( Special Tools Provided ),.  Understanding of engine, electrical, hyradulic, Vaccume,  brake, A/C system,  ability to read & understand Automotive shop repair / service manuals,. use of special tools, calipers, diag testing equipment, use of multimeters,. jack stand / wheel change / balance equipment,.  ability to lift 50lbs in accordance with maintenance performed on vehicles,.  

**  We allow all employees to -

" 1st "  Responsibilities School / Educiation !,..  WE want you to suceed in life & understand Education is the Key to success !!!

2nd Exchange any schedule with another employee,.  & if not route can still be covered,.. " This is a Fun Job ",.  

3rd Health - unlimited sick time,..  this is a food related company,  we want Healthy employees that deal with the Public.

4th - Paid / compensation for your dedication to work !.. ( see employee handbook,. Pre & Post route time * )  

5th - Enjoyment at our company,.. our Employees are part of our small family & thereby are members of a close group, not just a number or someone to fill a spot!

Thank you for inquiring,.. 

ALL applications will be kept for 2 months,. after which they will be considered expired,.. 

We are an Equal Oppturnity Employer ...