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Here are some of my favorite links.

For Writers

Springfield Writers Guild

http://www.swgsite.org/   For those of you in the Springfield Missouri area, this is a local writers group that meets monthly.  Writing is mostly a solitary profession, but sometimes you need to get out of your office and socialize.  I show up quite often to listen to their excellent speakers and meet other writers.

For Music Enthusiasts

If you're curious about Patrick Harvey, who wrote some of the songs I'm learning to play, stop by ahttp://www.geocities.com/dharvey6389/brighidf.htm  and listen to a few of his sound bytes.  Good stuff. 

Another harpist whose music is absolutely awaesome is Terri Langerak.  Visit her at www.harpsinger.net to learn more about a highly skilled and creative harpist who really rocks (on an electric harp no less). 

Web Comics

If you like foxes, cats, or animals in general be sure to check out this comic. Then follow the links to their main website to learn more about these creative people.

                                          Faux Pas

<a href="http://www.ozfoxes.com">
<img src="fp-but1.jpg" height=40 width=120 hspace=8 border=2 alt="The OzFoxes FoxWeb">
<b>Faux Pas on The OzFoxes FoxWeb</b></a>

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