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Posted by harpwriter on March 29, 2010 at 8:06 PM

I eat 5k’s for breakfast. 

Well, that’s not entirely true.  I eat breakfast for breakfast, wait a few hours, then go out and run/walk a little over three miles.  I’m training for a running event in May, hoping to beat the time I made on my first 5k last fall.  I get outside three days a week and give my running shoes a nice workout.  It’s good to spend a little time away from the keyboard, taking in some fresh air and watching the seasons change.   


Ah, but the world isn’t always as it is this spring, dynamic and blooming.  The winter landscape was sad study in monochrome.  Aside from the occasional adventures afforded by ice and snow,  my exercise runs were dismal and boring.  Tromp tromp tromp.  How many footfalls can a person endure through a monotonous landscape before going bonkers?   The big race seemed too far away to take seriously but  if I were to hang up the running shoes,  I would surely end up regretting it.  


Looking around online for inspiration, I stumbled upon the sport of joggling.   The term was not entirely unfamiliar.  I had heard of it in my college days, and could even lay claim to a bit of experience. An avid juggler in my college days,  I would practice while walking to school,  a useful kind of multitasking to improve my skills during what was otherwise wasted time.  Of course, this was all done walking.  I never jogged in those days, but felt a certain kinship upon hearing of the sport.  Invented by the International Juggling Association, it is essentially juggling while you jog.  It’s a whimsical take on fitness and sounds vaguely silly.  Just the thought of it made me smile.


A few decades later, looking for something to break the monotony of my 5k training, I smiled again.   My juggling was getting a little rusty anyway, and as a part time clown, I needed all the practice I could get.  Besides, it’s still the ultimate in multi taskin, a chance to practice my juggling skills while also honing my athletic ability for the big run and burning a few extra calories to boot. 



So off I go with three beanbags added to my equipment and the morning run is a little more entertaining these days, not only for me, but the neighbors as well.  I was a bit self conscious at first, but no one is throwing tomatoes yet, and the garbage collectors and cable guys who prowl the neighborhood during my run all grin and wave.  Joggling may be a nerdy sport, but no one seems to mind and I’m having fun with my exercise




Ultimately, that’s the goal.  It isn’t supposed to be a punishment after all.  Exercise should be fun.  If I can have a good time while getting my body in good shape, it’s a win win.  




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