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Late Resolutions

Posted by harpwriter on February 22, 2010 at 10:27 AM

This writer wants to get ripped.  No, I’m not talking about the destruction of manuscripts, I mean getting in the peak of physical condition.  Building a little muscle and cardio health and losing some weight just seem like the thing to do..


    It isn’t that I’m a complete couch potato.  I’ve been an on again, off again moderate exerciser most of my life.  Following suggested workouts in diet books, walking, taking belly dance classes, training for  and actually running a 5k are all things I’ve done.  I’ve practiced yoga, swam laps, experimented with weights and resistance bands, and studied ballet, jazz, and tap dancing.  Despite all the above activities, my weight is not where it needs to be for my best health.


    There’s a popular misconception that overweight people lie around watching TV and eating all day.  I’m sure there are some who fit that stereotype but there are plenty of us who don’t.  The usual  advice to help people lose weight generally leaves me frustrated.  I’ve been following most of those “easy weight loss tips” since high school.  Drink eight glasses of water a day.  Switch out sodas for diet soda or water.  Eat your fruits and veggies.  Dodge the fried foods, and desserts.  Park your car on the far end of the lot and walk a little further.  Lead an active lifestyle.  Been there, done that, for the most part these are a way of life to me.  Sorry folks, I don’t fit the stereotype and there’s no “easy way” this weight is coming off.  


    Some years ago I weighed sixty pounds more than I do now.  I have no illusions as to how that poundage accumulated.  I was eating all wrong and received the consequences in the form of about a hundred and ten pounds.  My body was a very unhappy thing to live in at 260 pounds.  Losing sixty pounds  improved things considerably.  I am physically a lot better off and have probably done a great service to my health.  


    Getting weight off and keeping it off for years is quite an accomplishment and I am proud, but it would be nice to improve upon that.  Less obese is still overweight and holding off 60 pounds is not enough.  There are still thirty to fifty extra pounds that I really don’t need, weight that stresses out my frame and puts extra strain on my heart, that increases my risk of cancer and slows me down at running events.  I want it off me.  


    I want to become stronger too.  They say weight lifting increases your muscle tone, which makes it easier to burn calories and lose weight.  I’m all for that.  More importantly for me, it helps you keep your bone mass.  I’m allergic to dairy, and every calcium supplement out there swears that all the others are ineffective, so anything I can do to give myself an added edge in this area is a plus.  As a female, I won’t develop big muscles, but  in  my days at the factory packing rotors I used to have great muscle tone. It could happen again and wouldn’t bother me to look more like an Amazon woman or Rosie the riveter and less like a couch potato.



    So off I go, upgrading my training program.  Signing up for another 5k in April.  Investing in a bar to install over my office door.  Pushup, pull ups, and stronger morning runs.  Writing down everything I eat. Slowly the weight is dropping and hopefully the muscle ratio is going up.


New Years isn’t the only time to make a new start.  It can happen at any time of the year.  As it says on the old fortune cookie advice I taped to my computer monitor, “ The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”



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