Atari 8-bit Emulators for the PC

If you don't have a real Atari computer or an PC Atari emulator, you'll need to follow these instructions:

Download "Altirra" here (v1.7 or later) this is much simpler to use. (Windows XP/Vista etc) After installing use file boot image and select any game file and you are away!

Download other games 8-bit Atari games from these sites: atarimania , fandal , and many others. Save them to the same Altirra folder. Tip: For most machine code games make sure you Disable BASIC, for my games you will need to Enable BASIC!

Or download Atari800Win+4.0 and also X-Former from here . Then run the Atari800Win+ installer program and unzip X-Former and copy the ROM files to the Atari800win+'s ROM subdirectory. Then use Atai800Win+ (Windows XP) instructions below:

  • Select the Atari menu, then ROM images.
  • Click on XL/XE and find the ROM file (from the XFormer you also downloaded) ATARIXL.ROM 
  • Also select BASIC and browse to ATARIBAS.ROM. 
  • Leave OS-A, OS-B, 5200 and Cartridge blank for now. 
  • From the Atari menu, select Settings and make sure only the 'Enable SIO patch' for fast disk access is ticked. 
  • From the Input menu, select Joysticks, make sure Autofire Mode is off, choose Arrows + RCtrl as fire on Joystick 1 (or map keyset 1 as you wish) 
  • Go to the View menu, then Graphics Options, select 1024x768 or 800x600 etc. (I use Alt and Enter to toggle between window and full screen).
  • Then from the file menu Load Executable (XEX & COM files) or Autoboot Image (ATR) files and get Zapping!!!

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