Gwobby's best friend, a pig wearing such a big wig that you can't see most of him, but what is he hiding?


The main character of the series, he is a linewalking cowboy who is enemies with Emperor Nyorb and married to Mrs. G.

Emperor Nyorb

An evil Emperor who lives near Cave Cwaddilor, he is mortal enemies with Gwobby, but Gwobby always wins.

Drog #2

One of Nyorb's cronies.

Drog #1

One of Nyorb's cronies.

Gilligan Inksworth II

A blue octopus who is the mayor of Dorple.

Mrs. G

Gwobby's wife who gets kidnapped by Emperor Nyorb, but Gwobby rescues her.


An evil fire octopus that dwells in Cave Cwaddilor, Nyorb trained it to attack Gwobby.

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