Fallen Faith

:+: Its never to far down:+:

Raids// Heroics

Kara Runs Ect... (Heroics) :

To start off Great job on 3rd boss yesterday. Well We will be Doing Kara Runs at 3:00PM Server Time Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Weekdays will consist of who is on at the time prolly between 2Pm and 6Pm server Time Due to Summer Break its kinda iffy. Heroics have no set time plz dont ask members to start heroics in the middle of are kara runs IE... we might need to pull someone in incase of (Bad Internet Connect) (Has to do somthing). All KARA // Heroics everyone is req to be in vent that is the way its gunna be (If u do not have a mic get one. Well Have fun and GL. Fallen FAITH!!!!!!


Promos are now SET* that means u must work for ur rank help guild (Guild Bank) be on time (Raids // Heroics) (Getting Keyd) (How Long Ur on line a day). Rank is not given its bestowed by a gm that thinks u are worthy of one. Asking for a Rank up will ONLY(GET U DEMOTED) Plz dont ask (its not given)

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