Here are a few feedback quotes sent to me from my satisfied customers.  I also have tens of thousands more on eBay.

This first letter is from the winner of a contest where I gave away a hard drive of all of my lessons and the amplification company FOUR FORCE gave away an amp to the person who simply came up with the "award winning" response to "How has Scott Grove helped your playing or to become less Guitarded"?


Howdy Scott
I discovered you and your last month. I am a self taught musician, I started playing or teaching myself to play in 1977. In all my years I have never come across anything even close to the value or quality of the lessons you offer. I have played professionally to the point where I paid the mortgage and fed the kids through playing music, so I think I have a fair idea of what the true value of what you're offering here is!
For years I have suggested Home Spun to anyone I ran into who told me they wanted to learn how to play or advance their music playing skills. You have changed that for me. After discovering your product I am now suggesting & I have no doubt it is the best option I could offer anyone! You & I both know music is a wonderful addition to anyone's life and your lessons will help people become real players faster than any other learning system I've ever seen.
I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, since discovering your product I've turned you on to many people including Diane Russell in Calgary & Steve Croft in Alliston, Ontario who I know have both ordered your product and both of them are absolutely happy that they did. This makes me very happy that not only was I able to suggest a great way of learning but also that they were so impressed that they've both jumped right into your lessons and the progress is already noticeable.
Although I have taught, never for a living or money & only to help out truly interested people. I do not consider myself a good music teacher (although some people do). Because of my experience it is easy for me to see that you are a very good teacher and why that is.
I wish you all the best and hope that you are extremely successful. I can not think of a better gift to give someone who wants to learn how to play music or advance their skill level than a hard drive full of your lessons.
In closing here is a video link to my son Otis when he was 7 playing & singing with his 14 year old sister Saralyn backing him up on the tenor sax, (yes that is me working the board) this was at a friends 60th birthday bash and it was the very first time Otis had ever played on a stage or infront of a crowd.
All the Best

Shane Croft

What has Scott Grove done for me? Well, it’s a bit of a story, so you may want to get yourself a green tea and some tootsie pops.  I proposed to my wonderful fiancée on her birthday in June of 2013; it was the best weekend of my life.  Twelve days later, I was diagnosed with cancer.  It is non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma; not the friendliest type around and it had aggressively eaten up a good chunk of my collarbone.  I was in for R-CHOP chemo before I knew it and did not respond well.  I was sick, I was disoriented, I was a mess.  I ended up getting six rounds over four months.  I cannot properly describe the hell I went through during this period.  I was fighting for my life.  Facing my own mortality changed me in several ways.  One thing I determined to do was to pick up my guitar again and really learn to play this time.  I had fooled around with it since I was a kid but never took it very seriously.  I wanted to start over fresh but had no idea how to go about it.
One thing they tell you about getting chemo is to distract yourself.  Do anything to think of something other than cancer, chemo, and pain.  So, I threw myself into guitar research.  I spent hours and hours looking at guitars and amps, dreaming of the day when I would feel well enough to strap on and get playing.  Then I stumbled across a review/rant of Scott’s.  I thought, “Who does this guy think he is?!”  If he hadn’t made me laugh a couple times, distracting me from the sickness I was mired in, I may not have watched another video.  I’m glad I did because Scott became my friend, even if he has no idea who I am.
One of the things that happens when a person gets diagnosed with cancer is that people shy away from them.  Acquaintances, friends, and even family may disappear after such a shock.  Nearly all of my friends stopped calling overnight.  Only a few bothered to ask me how I was.  Worst of all, my family stopped talking to me altogether.  That’s an even longer story, but I’m sure you can understand how devastating it is to be abandoned by family when facing a deadly disease.  My fiancée and her family stuck by me and I had found a new friend to listen to when I was lonely: Scott Grove.
Scott more than satisfied my thirst for knowledge on guitars and associated topics.  Before I started watching his videos, I couldn’t have told you the difference between a roller nut and a walnut.  I was just that guitarded.  I knew how to play some chords and do a little pickin, but had never been told the technical details that made up this world of music and noise.  It was like a well-kept secret to me, something I would never figure out.  Then here comes Scott and lays it out right in front of me.  More than that, he made me think for myself when it came to which guitars spoke to me, instead of just following the crowd.  He also made me laugh and laughter is the best thing when you’re fighting for your life.  He helped me feel not so alone in a time when I lost so much.  I’ve watched so many videos now that my fiancée regularly asks me how my buddy Scott is doing today.
So, let’s go over what I’ve learned real quick, just to show a bit of what I’ve picked up.  I learned that the major scales are the only ones anyone really uses and all the songs I like can be played within them.  I learned that it doesn’t matter what your guitar is made of once you plug it in: ash, basswood, acrylic, plastic, Spongebob and Ace Frehley sound just the same with effects going.  The label on the headstock means nothing when you’re talking about the quality of the instrument; it only matters when you’re collecting.  Ignore the brand, focus on how the guitar feels and sounds to you.  Even Hello Kitty guitars can rock!  Coil splits and coil taps are two different things, even if certain guitar manufacturers are confused on the issue.  In-person guitar lessons are a waste when there’s so much to be had online, especially for beginners.  Don’t trust the guy trying to sell the guitar to tell you how good it is: he is trying to make a sale, kids.  Being in tune is a tricky business, especially with crappy guitars or parts or cheap tuners.  Rosewood soaks up oil, grease, dirt, and whatever else comes in contact with it.  Maple is sealed and only needs wiped down.  Stop putting oils and crap on your finger/fretboards; the wood is dead, it isn’t breathing anything.  Just use water or spit to clean it.  Tube amps require a lot more upkeep than solid state and are no louder.  Besides that, your real volume at a gig comes through the PA, not your guitar amp: you gotta mic that sucker up.  Keep the microphone at your lips or very very close so that you can be heard…taste the rock!  Quality control may mean more than anything else at any guitar manufacturer.  Elixir Polywebs (Anti-Rust) are the best guitar strings ever which is also why they quit making them: they last too long to sell you another set every month.  If you missed the 80’s, you really missed out.  I really missed out: I was too young but I still have the music.  Nobody puts on a show anymore, they just play their songs and leave.  Many guitar makers don’t actually make their guitars: they’re ghost-built in Korea, China, Indonesia, and if you’re lucky, Japan.  Speaking of the Japanese, they make great axes; especially in the late 70’s and 80’s.  Nitro finish is great if you want your guitar to look like it’s been through hell after a few months of playing it.  For those of us who want our guitars to look new forever, polyurethane is the best and cheaper solution.  Neither finish affects tone at all…seriously.  Bill Lawrence knows guitars and pickups.  Those blade style pickups scream!  Lace Sensors are also very good with no humming at all.  The Norlin years weren’t bad at all, especially if you want something different and amazing.  The best guitar for the money is the one you’ll actually play.  Playing a ukulele can make you feel better.  The tune-o-matic bridge breaks strings very nicely!  Top-wrapping your strings will not help you with that.  Enough with the Freebird already, you drunk moron.  Amps should be made of something better than cheap plywood…y’know, like those nice Four Force amps.  Don’t climb off the Grand Canyon for kicks.  Put some toilet paper or foam in your guitar hole: make those springs shut up.  Don’t be afraid to set up your guitar, just educate yourself on it before you crank that truss rod.  Don’t tune your guitar using harmonics because you’ll be off…plus, I can’t stand that noise.  Save up and get a guitar custom made for you so you can have the perfect axe.  Finally, don’t be a D.M.F.!!

C. Randy Gamble



I was a little skeptical this morning when I was ordering your DVD on e-bay. (I didn't watch the video until after I ordered it oops) But after I got over the original shock of the statement you are better than 90% of the Ukulele players out there. I started listening to what you had to say, how taking lessons is a rip off, and that most music teachers "suck". Those may or may not be true statements but they are relevant to me. The statement really isn't that bold you have been playing stringed instruments for longer than 90% of the uke players as well.

I have taken lessons via the internet, group lessons, and starter free lessons in person. And although all of my instructors were talented, I felt as if most of my time was being wasted. $30 min lessons for $30 or more is steep. Particularly when the first 5 min  is spent being polite and saying hello, then you play a three minute song three times (9+5 = 14 min) Sometimes instructors would have me look to You Tube videos to play along with instead of them the teacher. Then I would be told I didn't have good rhythm and was e-mailed the chord progression sheet for the next song to work on. That left half of my 30 min lesson for actual instruction done the same way I was doing it myself at home. Or learning chords I could read from a chart. Needless I didn't pay for another 6 lessons in advance.

I have been using You Tube and google searching for chords and tabs as I teach myself. But what I have been missing is someone who can take the time and show the strumming and NOT just gloss over it by saying "Down down down up" while trying to cram the teaching of chords, and a song into a 10 min video.  I am currently half way through the strumming video and have already finally understood what was being glossed over by all of my other instruction. Not having this information taught and instantly crammed into a song is also helpful. I already know the chords to dozens of songs and they all sound like shit when I play them. I think your videos will give me a fighting chance to maybe fix that.  I wish I started with them and I will recommend them to anyone starting out.  I wish I had this when I started 8 months ago.


PS one other helpful thing about your videos is the good quality yet "low end" production. I have a few DVDs that where shot in a studio and had lots of editing. The problem came when the person doing the video started singing or had a bass player in the background. It is very helpful to my untrained ear to only hear the ukulele part of the song.  - This is probably the best instruction I have had so far. 


Hello Scott,
I purchased the campfire lessons about two weeks ago and was so impressed that a few days later I purchased the rock guitar super pack and you hooked me up with alot of extras and I really appreciate it.I now have enough to keep me busy for a long time and nobody including me can believe how much I have improved in the past two weeks.I just picked up guitar for the first time about 16 months ago at the young age of 45 and until now could not play a full song.I have 5 under my belt now and burning through more.anyway back to why im writing you,even though I have enough lesson to keep me busy for a long long time,im going to purchase all of the lessons for download.Thanks again for all you do to help us all.
I want to sincerely want to thank you for everything you do for the masses....I stumbled onto one of your video's on you tube a few weeks ago and I must say I have learned more from you than anyone else in  the40yrs. I have been playing I am eagerly awaiting your lessons....thanks wishes to you, your wife and your family.
thanks so much for what you do!  YOU ARE THE REAL DEAL!  No BS guy.  I took lessons for 2 years when I was a teenager, I'm 39 now, and besides learning some chords and a few songs and of course "sight reading" of twinkle, twinkle little star, I got nothing out of it and just quit out of frustration.  I'm sure you get this all the time but I wanted to say thank you.
I will be ordering more lessons as I progress.  
Jeremy Steger, MCSE

I have been a musician for about 6 years. I started out as a banjo player and 4 years later got a pretty cool paying gig at Renfro Valley in Kentucky as the house banjo player. (Renfro has their own website if you want to Google it, its a pretty nice place). I just started guitar about two years ago and I learned by watching YouTube videos and watching other people play. I stumbled across some of your videos on YouTube the about three or four months ago and realized how cool of a guy you are, and how awesome of a teacher you are. I just watched one of your free lessons on your website for the first time just to try it out and I have actually had to stop the video because I am learning to much at once. You have a way of teaching that just sticks in my head, I am learning more that I ever thought I could on guitar from you. Soon I will order one of your flash drives with all your lessons on it, I am very excited to get one soon. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for helping out other musicians to learn and for also caring and not being someone that just wants my money and doesn't teach me anything. Looking forward to a flash drive!  Thanks again!

Avery Bradshaw
Just want to say thanks for all the free stuff that you post.
And for saying it like it is.
It is great that you have put so much time into your craft,
have taken a logical and scientific approach to understand
stringed instruments,
prove this through demonstrations on YouTube,
and share your knowledge with anyone willing to listen.
Unlike the panty waste pretty boys who pass on a bunch
of bullshit their Momma told 'em, or the burnt out ex drunk
who is stuck on one idea (which is usually wrong) and can
never change their mind.
The idea that the type of wood that a fret board is made of
makes a guitar bright or warm and that I bought it pisses me off.
Anyway, enough of my ranting. I'm starting to sound like Adam Carolla.
I feel like I learned more than $49 dollars worth on the
"Guitar Neck Facts For Dumb Motherfuckers" and
"You Are Tuning Your Guitar Wrong, I guarantee It" videos.
Your way of teaching kicks ass.
Thanks, Steve
Hi Scott,
I received my flash drive and just wanted to thank you for all that you are doing. I stumbled onto your website by accident, saw your review of the Peavey Power Slide and I was sold on both you as a great teacher and the instrument. I have had to retire early from work and your website will keep me busy and laughing and practicing for a long time! My days won't be boring or filled up worrying about what I can be doing.

I really appreciate the lessons and wanted to say Thanks a bunch:)

Your new student,
From Worcester, MA 


Groovy Music Lessons by Scott Grove. If it has strings, Scott, can play it. He has lessons that cover guitar, bass, banjo, ukelele, steel guitar, keyboards, you name it. He has lessons for Blues, Rock, Southern Rock, and Country. His lessons are fun and entertaining. You don't need to be able to read music or Tab, Scott doesn't give readin' lessons, his are real playin' lessons. He shows you how you to play the licks and songs that you want to know how to play. Watching Scott's Videos is like having a friend that is a really good player show you all of his tricks.  No matter what level you play, Scott's lesson catalog and song list is one of the best investments you can make. You can download Scott's entire catalog for only $49.95! That's over 140 hours of lessons, and it also includes 170 song titles! Samples of Scott's  courses are available on Ebay, YouTube, and Also, worth checking out are Scott's instrument reviews. He posseses a fantastic guitar collection that he has reviewed online. It is a great opportunity to see some of the rare instruments that shaped the industry we love. Some of these instruments you may never get to see except in Scott's collection reviews. 

The Bottom Line-Scott is an excellent teacher and a very experienced professional musician. Scott's collection is worth 5 times the price! At $49.95 the entire collection is a steal, but Scott generously offers songs and courses from $1.99!



Interview with Anti-Tablature Guitarist and Businessman Scott Grove

I first came across Scott Grove while searching for some guitar parts on eBay. I quickly realized he’s got quite a business going selling guitar lessons in dvd and instant downloads. After viewing some of his promotional videos for his lessons, I wanted to learn more about him and asked him to share some his thoughts and experience in learning guitar.

If you’ve seen his videos, you know that he is quite candid and opinionated about his methods for learning guitar. His method is derived from 20+ years of performing on some of the biggest stages throughout the USA and Canada. He figured out how to play guitar for himself because the internet and tabs didn’t exist(not that it would have mattered, because he hates tablature … but more on that later) as it does now at the time and traditional lessons frustrated him.

Following his heavy gigging days, he decided to check out what available for guitar and found that there was nothing new and actually useful, so he created his own. He first started his guitar lesson business on ebay, the lessons sold quickly and he thought he could make a go of it. The business grew quickly and he’s never looked back. He’s even taken requests for videos from customers and he says he’s committed to delivering what are by far the best bang for the buck videos anywhere out there.

I think you’ll find Scott’s background, his take on learning guitar, and why he says tablature sucks, very interesting so check out his interview …

Interview with Scott Grove

1. You run a successful video lesson business on ebay … Can you tell us a little bit about the history of it and your experiences with it?
SG: Sure thing my friend. I did a couple of lessons many years ago (before the internet) and simply sold them in Indianapolis, IN, where I’m from. I just sold a few via VHS. I was one of the local celebrity players there. I went on the road for 25 years with many national country artists, after I had my fill of that, I moved just outside of Las Vegas, NV. I was cleaning out some stuff that I had in storage for all those years and ran across the old VHS copies of those lessons.

I was currently a shift manager and bartender at a local casino and was so very sick of that. So, finding those old tapes sparked a little something in me that made me want to simply film them again with an old video camera that hadn’t sold the week before on eBay. Lol So, I put the videos on just blank, no name DVDs and simply wrote, in black Sharpie, what the title of the video was, charged $19.95 each for them and tossed them on eBay for fun. Those things took off like crazy. I couldn’t believe it.

When I researched the available lessons out there, they were the same lessons that never taught me a thing 30 years earlier. They are STILL selling those same videos today. I made a few more videos really fast and was able to quit that job in a matter of a month after I sold my first one.

They honestly took off that quickly. Then the modern day recession hit, I lowered my prices to $9.95 to make sure that everybody could afford them. Then I put up a couple of sites, offered them as ROM videos, PC and MAC downloads etc. and as package deals. It’s been nuts since. I’m still a one man operation and wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve had offers to make it bigger, do pro video shoots, pro packaging etc. but that would just mean raising the prices and I refuse to do that.

Everything is perfect the way it is. What really made this all great is the fact that I was able to entertain requests for different videos in the beginning. That gave me a REAL feel of what people really wanted and needed. Today, I spend every waking moment filling orders and answering emails and You Tube help questions. So, the days of requests are pretty much behind me, but all that got me to where I am today, and that is over a million videos sold. I feel like the sign at McDonalds saying that. lol

2. What drove you to develop your own method of playing lead guitar and understanding of how the fretboard works as you discuss in your “Learn Electric Lead Guitar” video lesson?
SG: That whole lesson, in particular, was a dare. Someone (a true skeptic), bet that I couldn’t teach anybody how to play lead guitar without teaching scales and theory etc. I had that video done and in the can and up for sale the very next day. Lol

There is no reason on earth to let garbage like scale practicing get in your way of making great music. I simply decided to go with the chord shapes that everybody was already familiar with and just build on that and EVERYBODY has written in and said that they have learned more from that video than they have in the past 10 years with any other method, instructor, just anything on the market.

So, don’t dare me to do anything because I’ll make it happen and make you look like a fool. Plus, I’m just the kind of guy that really loves to do that to people. I’ll say right now that 95% of all players that have taken lessons in their life have been taught incorrectly and are concentrating on things that simply keep them at the music store, buying sheet music or TAB paper, being coaxed into buying instruments on a daily basis at the store etc.

I refuse to teach in person at music stores. I will not cheat people out of their money and force them to learn the garbage that keeps them coming back year after year. I want them to learn as fast as possible so that they don’t need me any longer. There’s a reason that it’s called PLAYING guitar and not SLAVING OVER THE GUITAR. Lol This is supposed to be fun. It simply isn’t for most people.

3. I know your disgust for tablature, but why do you think that tabs has become so popular these days, is it due to the ease of access and the idea of instant gratification with trying to play your favorite song?
SG: You’ve got that right. TABs are the worst thing to have ever been invented. The reason they are popular is because people have become lazy. Plain and simple. Most TAB junk is put out there by a beginner that doesn’t know the song anyway, so people are learning it wrong.

You have the Internet to thank for this mess. Sheet music from the music store is the same way. Nearly ALWAYS wrong. It sickens me. People can not develop a playing style by READING, they have to LEARN to play, learn by making mistakes (not the mistakes on the TABs), but the mistakes that makes them think their way through the process of learning theory on their own. If they are spoon fed everything, they will never appreciate it. I fully believe that TABs are the single worst thing that any musician can add to their learning journey.

I refuse to give TABs to my students and they thank me BIG TIME after they see why. I will fight anybody to the death over this subject. I believe in this that much. TABs will kill any chance of you putting anything out that sounds like YOU and not like somebody sitting there reading a chart. There is no soul, no pride, no skill in TABs. They Suck!

4. Musical preference aside, are their any current working guitarists that you consider great and why?
SG: I don’t listen to other musicians and I don’t listen to the radio at all. I’ve heard some Brad Paisley stuff on occasion via riding with other people to a gig. He seems to be the hot guy these days and his style makes me grin when I hear him because he throws all of the rules, scales, coloring inside the lines etc. out the window and you can hear the mockery in his playing. He’s often making fun of the style that he’s playing and you can tell exactly what he’s doing if you have an ear for country guitar.

Being a great country player like that is much more difficult to pull off than anything else by far. That guy has talent and a sense of humor in real life and in his playing that is unmatched by anybody else in the business. I think that folks of all genres should listen to him and just bask in everything that TABs can’t do for you. You take a real musical ride when you truly listen to Brad play. Just incredible.

5. From your business bio, I read that you first picked up a guitar when you were 9, who or what music inspired you to do so? And how long did it take you to get to a competent guitarist?
SG: Yes, 9 was the age. I took the horrible guitar lessons that everyone’s parents think that their kids are supposed to take. I never learned to play a single chord in those 3 years. Just melody lines to songs that I had never heard of.

I hooked up with a drummer at my little, hick Junior High school in the 7th grade, he showed me a barre chord and the rest is history. We started playing clubs 6-7 nights a week 3 days after my 13th birthday and that band stayed together for 15 years, traveled the world backing up dozens and dozens of the worlds biggest stars and always opened the shows for them as well. What a great way to grow up!

6. Was there a particular concept , technique, or moment in your journey that benefited your playing the most?
SG: Pedal steel guitar emulation without a doubt. I started playing pedal steel early on. It became too much to drag around with all of the other guitars etc. that have to be put in a single bus dragging a trailer behind it. So, I started making those sounds on my guitar using the volume pedal, figured out that the compressor/sustainer was a MUST also to make this happen etc. So, in order to pull off TRUE pedal steel style licks on a 6 string guitar, really makes you think.

Then that volume pedal becomes a permanent part of your right foot, the Boss CS-3 never, ever, ever gets shut off, it’s pegged wide open, maximum squash all the time and there’s just no sound like it. It’s pure heaven. So, NOT taking the pedal steel to along on all of the tours was the best thing to happen to my guitar playing without a doubt. It really made me think. Again…no TABs. lol

7. For adults that don’t have 10 hours a day locked in their room to practice, what do recommend they focus on in order to play some popular song and maybe make up a few of their own?
SG: That’s an easy one. The Nashville Number System and how to apply it. They can learn how that works in under an hour, from that, they can figure out ANY song and it also teaches them what chords will and will not work in an ear friendly progression.

There is not one single thing in the world that will do more for anybody’s understanding of how a song is formed than to understand The Nashville Number System. 99% of the people reading this will not have a clue as to what I’m talking about. That is why they are taking FOREVER to get a real grasp of the guitar, figuring out songs on their OWN, and writing their own songs. TABs can’t teach you these kinds of things.

This is the REAL secret to it all. Hands down, no doubts. Even though folks will read this, they still will not go learn it. It’s because of the word NASHVILLE. It doesn’t mean it’s a country thing. This is a life changing event here kiddies and you will be making the biggest mistake by not listening to this particular part of the interview. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

8. What are the most common questions that you receive from people that want help learning guitar? Are there common themes with people worrying about learning stuff they shouldn’t be?
SG: It always comes down to the “SCALES” thing. People need to STOP practicing scales. People need to learn how to play the guitar and have fun, put themselves into it and stop copying other players. Guitar heroes are probably the worst thing a person can have. I advise people to stop idolizing other players. Sure, let them be influential, but don’t become a clone, grabbing the same gear etc. and expecting to sound just like them. 90% of your tone is in your fingers, not in your gear.

So, my advice would be to turn off anything that allows you to copy music from someone else and work on playing the guitar by trial and error. I would rather people did that over taking any kind of lessons (including mine). They will get much more from that than anything else. Grab a hand full of generic backing tracks and drum tracks and lock yourself in your practice place and make all the mistakes you can. You learn more from those than you do by playing scales all day long. Nobody has ever made it big by playing nothing but scales on their album. I wouldn’t go to see that. I’d pay to hear someone with heart in their playing. If they don’t have that, I’m not interested.

9. Do you think it’s important for guitarist to be conscious of developing their own sound? How do you go about this?
SG: 100% and read the above. Lol Stop listening to other players and trying to emulate them. It’s been done already. Don’t be a clone. I live near Las Vegas, do you know just how many Elvis wanna be’s there are here? It’s sickening and most of them believe that they are Elvis. They are truly mental in that capacity. So, don’t let this happen to you. People should be inspired by you, not the other way around.


To sum up your lesson the best way I can is easy. WOW!!!!!!! I too am a stroke victim and started playing the guitar to get
my left side working again but could never seem to put it together. You made it all so simple to visualize it's astounding.
I have learned more in the 3 hours of watching this lesson than I could have hoped to learn myself in years. Your a Master
and you make it fun on top of that. I can only bow down and pay homage to ya. hehehe. Thanks again for all your tips. I will
be going over and over it until I get it down to muscle memory. From one Scott to another be well and keep on smiling.

Hi Scott! Just purchased ALL of your lessons for downloading and... I LOVE it! I really appreciate the honest, straightforward approach of your lessons is very refreshing (FINALLY, SOMEone who has the guts to dispell all the myths and crap out there!) and the amount of information in each lesson is INCREDIBLE! This has got to be, be far, the BEST VALUE for learning guitar anywhere on the planet, short of having a professional give you free lessons for life. I'm an American working in Germany for the Dept. of Defense and it can be hard to find quality info over here, but you've given me enough to last YEARS. Thanks for all you do and I hope you and your have a Groovy Holiday Season!

Dave Rohlf
Wiesbaden, Germany



Hi Scott. Am just about to purchase your download. Mate I must tell you that yours is by far the best thing on the open market today. I have paid for a few other so-called lessons/by industry 'professionals' and have been sorely disappointed. From watching you and the quiet way you can go about showing and actually explaining what finger goes on what string, you have simplified the entire process and made it a pleasure to sit down and do lessons to learn without becoming frustrated to the point of simply giving up.
Thanks mate and take care.

Hey Scott - just thought you should know that yours is the first video teaching (or in person for that matter)  who has taught me the way I need to learn - your explanations and demonstrations are really helpful; they move at the right pace, repeat the most important information regularly, and are organized with creative logic. You must have spent some time thinking them through so that they would be most helpful to beginners. (that's always the hard part about a professional teaching a beginner; you have to remember whom your addressing and get into their head; a lot of pros can't do this. You can.)   I actually know a little bit about this as I have taught college for over 20 years and have a Ph.D. in Education. Guitar is new to me (12 string Yamaki) but your teaching will get me to where I can play a bit in front of people and not feel I am giving them a headache! Thanks.



I want to take a few minutes to give a plug to Scott Grove and his Groovy Music Lessons. I'm a 54 year old beginner guitarist who was taking music lessons online when I discovered Scott's YouTube video "Very Basic Country Acoustic Guitar." An hour with Scott's video had me playing something that sounded like music for the first time.

I have purchased a couple of Scott's packages and each hour long video is packed full of information with no fluff and filler. Scott delivers what he promises and gets to the point, and unlike most other instructional videos Scott's personality shines through. Scott doesn't drag you along with boring, sterile information like other instructors. 

Scott's videos have helped me learn guitar better than any other source I've tried. Thank you Scott for teaching in a method that's understandable, entertaining, and fast. A great value backed-up with quick support makes "Groovy Music Lessons" a great resource learning the guitar without breaking the bank!

Larry Davidson
Pittsburgh, PA


Hi Scott, I'm just thankful there is at least one great musician out there that is willing to share his knowledge and teach the way guitar should be taught. You're an awesome guy and I'm learning from every one of your videos. You have changed the way I play forever and have turned me onto playing country too. You're a true musician, an awesome teacher, and a great guy. I'll keep looking for new videos and make sure I get one or two that I may have missed, thanks for being there, Brian. 

Hi Scott

I ordered more of your lessons recently.  the prices are great for such detailed lessons. You do a great job of breaking down each song.   I have been looking for lessons like this for a long time.  It would be difficult for me to go in person to take guitar lessons because of my health problems.  But, by using your downloads i\'am able to learn from my home and to do  it at my own pace.  Thanks for making these lessons available. 


WOW, Scott. This is some of the best down and dirty, practical musical knowledge I've encountered. Nice work, man. Now I know I'm gonna have to pony up for all your lessons on the hard drive. No doubter, there.
Thanks for sharing your work with such humor and practical application. Anybody who asks, "Where can I find..." I'll know just where to send them. Again, thanks.
Cheers, Jim



I have already watched the two hour video on dobro/lap steel.  I have to tell you I’ve never seen anything like it.  You have made it so simple its incredible.

I played bass guitar “by ear” for years and years (longer than I would like to admit) but your lessons have given me hope that I can actually learn about music, chords, and where they are on the lap steel.

Thank you sir, and rest assured, once I have this one under my belt I definitely will be purchasing more.  Also, I will be getting the regular guitar lessons for my son.

Thanks again,


You are awesome!  I can't believe you are selling all these lessons for such a low price.  You are doing a great service to the world by sharing your knowledge like this.
I'm trying to teach my sons guitar, and I kind of suck at it.  I'm going to use your lessons on the hard disk to do that.
Hi Scott,

I watched your latest You Tube video this afternoon and just ordered the free downloads.

I bought your "all you can eat" videos back in May. It was absolutely the best $50 I have spent in my life. In an email you sent me before, you said I will have a blast and that is exactly what I am having. I'm 60 years old, and have played off and on since I was a teenager. Back then I couldn't afford lessons or a good guitar, so I played mostly off instead of on. I'm retired now and have some good guitars and now, thanks to you I have the teacher. I have learned more in the last month and a half than I had in the previous 45 or so years! Your manner of teaching is just what I needed. You give clear lessons as well as encouragement. You are like a magician, revealing all of his tricks.

Also Scott, I have been watching your You Tube videos and look forward to them every day. I really liked the one  you did last week with photos and stories from your career.  You have some great stories to tell and I also see how much work you have put into becoming a great musician.

I like Nigel too. I bet if you do a close up of his amp, it goes to "11". I think Nigel is Keith Moon's bastard son. 

Another thing Scott. I knew a little bit about the Nashville Number System before I watched your video. All I knew was I, IV, V. Now I know about the minor chords and where they come in. Also the music theory video was a million times more valuable than reading it in a book. It was really easy to understand and it is great to know how chords are formed.

I hope you get tons of orders for your free videos. What can you get for $5 now? You can't even get a popcorn let alone a movie.

Thanks again Scott,

Russ MacDonald

Hey Scott

Wanted to let you know I received the lessons yesterday. Totally wrapped! I have been playing a little over 20 years banging out the same old chords with a little improvisation and constantly hitting the wall. This is what I needed. A no bullshit and exactly as you say – SHOW ME SOMETHING I CAN USE TONIGHT IN THE GIG! – approach. I’m looking forward to sitting in front of the laptop and watching your lessons. I’m not at all going to get distracted by freeze-framing and identifying the guitars in the room! The thing you also have going for you is you keep it entertaining! If I’m gonna watch someone for hours that is a key element so kudos to you for your natural ability. It’s so great to see someone enjoy what they do and do it well.

I really do hope you get the chance to come out to Australia and I’m serious about the offer if you’d like to have a place to stay during your visit. We’d be more than happy to enjoy your company and relax with a few laughs and give you some guidance in planning your trip if you need it. I gotta ask – you rock out and have a country background? I’m curious as I grew up with the Led Zep, Deep Purple, metal, Kiss, punk, country 12 bar blues based rock, classic rock stuff and when I write it seems country or blues suited…something I’m not sure about. I haven’t written in a while and that’s partly the idea behind the half house next door.

Anyway thanks again – and I hope to catch up with you again soon.

Keep playing, keep rockin, keep smiling and keep enjoying what you’re doing ;-)

By the way I looked up Mesquite NV – NICE position! You may just see us dropping in instead! Good excuse to buy the Harley.  Visit friends in Michigan and Alabama, see the Delta, come through Texas, Arizona, Nevada and drop the bike off for shipping back to Aus in LA. Woohoo!

Take care and all the best from your new contact Down Under.


Band Brother says...
Scott, love your approach to teaching. I relate much better to shapes of chords rather than having to learn scales and tabs. I learn much faster by ear and I'm blessed to have been born with perfect pitch, so I'm totally soaking your teaching up like a sponge. I just recently received my first DVD/download (including 30 music tracks) for learning electric lead guitar. I greatly appreciate you cutting through all the crap and getting down to business!! I'm finally learning lead guitar quickly and in a way that I totally relate to!! I'll be ordering a truck load of lessons from you! Thanks!! -Mike Lopez
Hey Scott I just wanted to say thanks. Your videos are more than what I was expecting. I really enjoy them, your tactics,skills,and attitude is awesome.I have learned a lot in the last 4 months. I am more in to rock and heavy metal but you have motivated me into country and blues. I just wanted to say thanks because of you I have more energy to keep playing. God bless keep on rocking.
 Scott, I know you're busy and you don't have to reply, but I just wanted to take a moment to say a couple of things.  I have many of your videos now with only a few more to get, and I just wanted to say that you are now my new hero!  I've been playing off and on since 1987, but I never got from my experience what you are teaching.  I now know why.  You have shown me the true way to play,  and learn, and have changed my style forever.  After watching several hours of your videos, I feel that I can now take charge of my own learning and simplify all of the crap that I've been struggling with for years.  I have wasted a lot of money on teachers, books, videos, and websites, but not anymore.  I've used tab, and you're right, it sucks!  I can't remember anything that I ever learned on tab.  I don't want to go on with a boring email, I just wanted you to know that you've changed everything about the way I think and play guitar.  I'm 44 going blind and may have to find a new career with age and a disability limiting what I can do.  I would love to make guitar playing/teaching a new career, and thanks to you, the dream could be in sight.  You're the greatest man, and I really dig you.  Thanks for everything, Brian Bays
Hi Scott,
My name is David Massie.  I purchased your entire video collection just over a week ago (on the 15th).  I'm literally downloading the last video right now as I write this, so obviously I've only watched a tiny fraction of your material so far.  Even so, I've seen enough to know that I've definitely gotten the deal of a lifetime by getting so much quality instruction at such a "giveaway" price. WOW! I honestly cannot say "thank you" enough times for producing such quality, no nonsense lessons that people like me can actually learn something from.  If there had been this kind of lessons around when I was a teen and first took up guitar (in the 70's), I would be quite an accomplished player by now, instead of having given up the guitar in frustration. 
I became disabled several years ago and can't get out much at all these days so I decided to give the guitar another try after all these decades.  Fortunately, I ran across your videos on YouTube, then went to your website and got the whole collection. These lessons will certainly last me the rest of my life and fill my days with something very positive, challenging, and fun to look forward to.  Unfortunately, I made the mistake of buying an Epiphone Les Paul Studio not too long ago.  If I'd discovered your videos on YouTube sooner than I did, that's one mistake I never would have made, but oh well. . .live and learn, I guess.
Thank you for your time, Scott, and especially for the first class teaching you you make available at such fantastic prices. I'll be watching for any new material you put out; you can bet on that!
Best To You and Yours,
David Massie
Hi Scott,
Ive just got done downloading the lessons.
Ive only had chance to quickly run through a couple of them like acoustic beyond basics and southern rock.
Fantastic.  Really great stuff. 
Ive never had lessons in my life for all the reasons you say.  Everything I know so far, I know because Ive figured it out by sorting through all  the BS out there.  As a result Ive ended up with some massive gaps in my playing. These lessons are exactly what Ive been looking for. Ive been playing for about 20 years but I guess Ive actually been playing the same year 20 times over. I still picked stuff up from your beginner lessons but I totally get the advanced stuff as well.  You have kind of tied together some things that I have never realized were connected.
It all makes sense at last.
Many many thanks.
If you're ever in the UK I'll buy you a beer.

 Hi Scott,

I just want to tell you, i have tried a LOT of guitar lessons from USA and England
but you are simply the best teacher out there.PERIOD!!!
I like your personality a lot, and you explained everything easy to understand.You are right, TABS SUCK.
Thanks for good lessons.
Stein Ivar


Thank you very much for the download link while I wait for the DVD. Since I have not ordered any guitar instruction from you before, I was curious how it would be presented. I have watched some of the download and I am very pleased. I would like to go over some of what stands out at me.
I am still a pretty raw beginner but nothing on the video looks to difficult that I can not achieve with some practice.Some things might take quite a bit of practice. But it was presented in a way where it looked very achievable. Which I appreciate. Many other videos miss this quality.  
I also appreciated the relaxed manner you have in your teaching. Relaxed as you are not trying to pound out as much as you can in as little time as possible. Nothing is hurried. As a beginner this helps more than you know since the challenge of learning an instrument is already stressful. The little jokes take some of the tension away. Just like you mention in the rhythm section, there are times when you just need to lay back. Also you make a point to explain that there is nothing set in stone while playing. How feeling is where the inspiration and the notes used come from.
Sorry this email ran a little long, but I wanted you to get my point of view from an adult beginner standpoint. Thanks again for your hard work in the video because it clearly shows.
Mark Fitzgerald
Scott, My Friend, I will never be able to thank you enough for what you have taught me. One thing you stress and I love it, is Practice and you will be able to play everything I teach you. You are so right. I started using a tool on called the Ear Machine for ear training. I am truly amazed how I still don\'t pick some tones up right off the bat, but I am also surprised at how easy it is becoming as I continue doing it. Granted the you tube video I am going to be sending you is really child in the making, OK, but I am trying, and I think in a lot of ways that is exactly what you teach. You always have a way of encouraging us to be better, and you do an absolutely wonderful job of it, thank you so very very much. I started going through more of your sample videos you have posted with your lessons, and Wow !! DUDE !!! You have got a gift that you have obviously worked hard at, God has gifted you to feel what you play, and that right there is a major in
spiration to Gary. I purchase 3 more today, Sorry I will keep paying you over anyone else on the net, Dude !! you are so awesome I have come so far in such a short period of time just on the 7 string I am excited beyond anything except being in Love of course. Thanks so much, and don\'t you dare be giving any body there money back, if they cant learn from you, then they don\'t deserve the money they sent you to begin with, because they obviously are not practicing like you so much encourage us to do. Got That !!!! that includes me .  Thanks so much Scott, Your friend, Gary Tonissen
I've had your your hard drive lessons now for 2 months or better. And have excelled in learning. the best investment i have ever made. i picked up the guitar again after 25 years and for the past 3 years have tried to learn from different people online and purchased there lessons. SORRY. and sorry i didn't find your lessons sooner thanks a million learned more from you in 2 months than i have in the last 3 years.
John Shears
Well you can see from my first one hour bass guitar lesson from you, that you have sparked a learning curve in me that has made me really jump in with both feet and get going here, to the point that i have purchased like 5 or 6 more lessons and the 60 drum tracks from you too.
You have really inspired me to play and play well, I am at a point that i have to slow some things down , but the speed will come in time, and with lots of playing and practice.
I love tha 8 string ESP LTD I have, it has a really unique sound to the bass like the strings to a 12 string. I am enjoying it immensely and now that i have you to play along with, Wow !! I feel like I have been kick started by you, and it is a great feeling to see the progress.
I pasted my testimony here for you too, so you have a better idea of what I have been doing in my past and how I got to where I am right now Scott.
I look forward to seeing this friendship grow in time too. I thank you so much for all the time you have put into all you have done, you are an inspiration to me and you really have given me a kick start to my bass playing, I can't thank you enough for that. You have my permission to share any of this with anyone you want to as well.
I pray God will continue to Richly Bless you and your family, and
that you have a great weekend.
In Him ,
Gary Tonissen
This is my testimony of what Christ has done for me since October 14, 2011. On this day I was in Fairfield, CA waiting for a trailer load of Heinz product to be dropped at my location for me to hook to and pull to Fred Meyer in Puyallup, WA on the following day, which was Saturday October 15, 2011. I went to bed the previous day at 6PM , woke up Saturday morning at 9 AM, went and located my trailer, hooked to it, did my pre-trip. Then my log book and started driving. I had only been driving about 45 minutes to an hour when My tractor trailer loaded with 47,000 lbs of Heinz product went into a ditch on the left hand side of the interstate. When the ditch ended, my truck stopped abruptly, my seat belt breaking, slamming my chest against the steering wheel, then exiting me through the windshield and out over the hood of my conventional Freight liner into the bed of windshield glass. I was life flighted to UC Davis Med Center in Sacramento, Ca. where they discovered I had a broken back. When My chest was slammed against the steering wheel it broke my T-1/ T-2 vertebrae horizontally but God saw to it that my spine stayed intact. Yes the other bone had broke , but God spared my spine, the cord and all was A OK. See what God can do. The nurses and doctors called me "A Walking Miracle" because they said I should have been paralyzed from the neck down. Yes I am a walking miracle, and there isn't anyone that does not know that that I talk to. Yes !!! God Is Good All The Time, and you know the positive side of all this , is this . I have been in a full body brace from the bottom of my rib cage up under my chin now for almost 4 months and have another 1 to 2 more months to go yet, but it has taught this man, that holding my head up for Jesus is the best thing I have learned from all this. I don't know what He has in store for me from this point forward, but I can tell you , with God NOTHING will ever be IMPOSSIBLE. He has something might and good in store for me and my future mate for the rest of our lives together. PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW !!!!!!
Gary Tonissen
I have learned more about playing Lap Steel Guitar in 6 hours of work and study than I have been able to learn in weeks from other similar DVD programs.  Your, "no nonsense, here's how you do it" (paraphrasing you), teaching style is fantastic!  I'm particularly impressed by how you start at the beginning and slowly move into actually playing the music.   In your e-mail to me you said, "you're going to love it" and you are right on the money.
Thanks much.
Michael Shaw
 Hi Scott!

I am having ACTUAL FUN with my mandolin while watching your DVD !!  I have been down so many roads trying to learn this instrument as an older learner, and your way is working for me.  Thanks,
Mary Ellen
Scott, you are the best ever. I just spent three hours on these lessons and they are the best ever. You make everything seem so easy. I am totally amazed. Thank you ever so much. This is worth 50 times what I paid. You're a musical genius and fantastic teacher. Thanks Hoss. You're the best ever.

- chuck98382

Hey Scott Grove,

I've learned more actual songs in 2 weeks after purchasing your campfire songs than I learned in the 20 years previously.  I've been a beginning guitar player forever and just couldn't find the right instruction that make it fun.  Every couple of years  I would buy a new guitar and some lessons hoping for inspiration, and about a week later I would add the guitar to my collection in the closet.

I have always been looking for your style of teaching.  I believe all music should be taught this way.   I could never get inspired trying to learn songs I had never heard of or ever cared to play.  Learning a song you want to play and know is the only way.  You can then go back and learn the theory and put it in context.

Thank you,
Erik D. Brown
Hi Scott,
I received the hard drive couple of days ago, and I am loving your videos! I am having so much fun (i know what you are thinking... haha! i mean fun learning) lol! you are so funny and lively guy. I learned a great deal watching your guitar setup and facts for the guitarded lessons and guitar effects mania. In fact, I have stopped watching TV lol. In my free time all I do is watch your videos lol and practice. I want to tell you, I am your biggest fan :) you are the man Scott! 
At the moment I am just a frustrated guy with a guitar. As much as I love the instrument and want to be great at it, I had no one to guide me and help me in the past. I don't have any friends that play the guitar. I have been learning on my own watching other people play on you tube. But now I have got you! my friend, my Guru :) I am so happy and confident that I can succeed, work hard (practice, practice, practice) watch your videos and I can get there and be a good guitar player.
Many Thanks,
Harris - yours biggest fan :)

Just got the drive.  This is the best instruction value I have ever seen.  You are under pricing yourself and for that I say thanks.  In my feedback I said that anyone would be a fool if they didn't buy this.  I am a bass player primarily and have been wanting to get more fluent on the guitar.  I have tried several lessons from various sources and haven't found anything that compares to what you offer.  Thanks so much for such a great product.  This is enough to keep me busy for awhile.



Here is a great feedback from eBay:

 Dr. Grove,

Hotter than a fire stove
Don't be a guitar fool
Buy his DVDs, Learn and the chicks will drool.

Thanks man, Sydney down under !!!!

- barnfresh60 

Hey man, usually I don't send messages about stuff I have bought on here, but I just had to let you know how much the DVD helped me understand what I have been mimicking all these years. My son plays lead guitar and I have been just strumming chords for 20 years on the guitar. I got the DVD in the mail today and watched it all the way through and then learned the do re me scale and finally understood the stuff I had heard from other people but never understood. I have an electronic piano with drum tracks on it and my son and I have played for about 3 hours now just improvising with me on bass and him on his Les Paul. I can hit any of the notes in the scale and it sounds better than I ever have on bass. It sure beats just playing root notes. Thanks again so much. I will tell everyone I know that "messes around" like I did for so many years about it. I still have a lot to learn, but thanks for the DVD, It's a hell of a start.

- 70ford_racer

Thanks once again for hooking me up with your great lessons. I've been a part-time working musician for years, but your instruction is now taking me to the next level.
It's very cool because I can learn at my own convenience and also not break the piggy bank to pay for private lessons. Thanks again, Bro.

Rock on!


Hi Scott, My name is Courtney, I have been playing since I was 12, started out playing and learning in church, I'm 53 now, don't play in church anymore but did get my background from there, I have to tell you that I think you are the most wonderful person that teaches I have ever come across and agree with you 100%,I am going to start buying your stuff because you are the only one out there I do agree with, learning all the junk that don't matter is a waste of time and money, again you are a wonderful teacher, and when I see your confidence it gives me a drive I haven't had for some years now, thank you for, well just being you.
Your guitar friend......Courtney

- courtney6416
Scott, I have purchased a number of your DVDs and I have to say that I think they are great. You are honest and fun when discussing the setup of guitars but also extremely informative when teaching and I just needed to let you know. If you ever need a reference on your products you can always use me or this email to tell everyone, You can't go wrong with these DVDs, There great. Thanks Brent
- brent5511
Hi Scott. I purchased your 12 Bar Blues Lead Guitar DVD last week or so. I still waiting for the mail to come, (that's OK,) the mail here is very slow. But I am using the down load and it's fantastic. I'm 60 years old now, used to play lead in a band in the late sixties (a kid ) learned to play the guitar myself with a guitar I'm sure that belonged to Robin Hood. The neck looked more like a bow than a guitar, but I learned best I could. My guitar has been sitting for a long time. I have severe ostio arthritis in my hands and everywhere else for that matter. I took it out again when my 13 year old daughter asked me to teach her. I used to chase cords as well. I only watched about the first40 minutes of the down load and baby I wish I was still in a band again. It's like God waved his had, even with these stiff fingers I can do so much more. I'm going to visit my brother in Virginia in 9 days. I can't wait to see his chin hit the floor. Your good man, you made an old guitar player happy.
- cecileron