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Oxford to Braunston in as long as it takes

Oxford to Braunston as long as it takes

Kidlington Green Lock is due to open on 13th December and there are no other closures on the Oxford this side of the New Year. Once it opens the return trek commences. Hopefully no more mechanical problems may occur and it will only be the un-ending boredom of lock after lock and bridge after bridge  that we have to contend with.  Pentargon is resting in a sunny safe and protected place near Wolvercote while Pogue is resting ashore and allowing nature to restore his hands particularly which take terrible punishment in cold weather at the helm. Braunston is the first place on the back route where the boat could be lorried and that decision will be made over a Gongoozler's breakfast if Avril and Jacqui are open when (and if) Pentargon gets there.

The above was written while on shore leave and in low spirits.

In the event Pentargon went up  Kidlington with a workboat 1300/Thu12thDec during the clearing up operations and before the lock re-opened for business on the Friday. Ship's Log records that we moored up at The Rock of Gibralter in Enslow at 12/1645 about a mile beyond Bakers Lock, having made 4.25mls in 3.75hrs, including a delay at Thrupp lifting bridge sorting out the Black Smoke Syndrome