Maritime Heritage afloat in Dartford Creek and Slough

Management Side of what might have been a Great Maritime idea

Pogue, K & "Sheena" (or any other gullible buyer)

Transcript between two friends and very skilled boaters who sometimes connive together.

 This is in real time. Pogue is Pogue Muhone and K is his friend. ... THIS HAPPENED!

Pogue: Hiya! The only person you can't teach is a know-all cause there's no room for new info.

K: glad you've come on the scene .. getting tired of the bullshit on London Boaters.

Pogue: The invitation to crew for you is irresistible, but can you cope with [me] for more than a a day? I'm retired and usually free three to five days notice. Also a real constant cruiser!

K: 11 May 22:20 Hey, you miserable sod! I have a boat to move from London up the GU end of July. Canal planner says 4 days so this guy pays 4 days beer, food and travel, interested?

Pogue: 12 May 06:11 I'd be delighted you oul curmudgeon.. K: 12 May 08:25 Great! I'll keep on touch.. K: 18 May 19:04 Pogue, Limehouse-Tring now has a date. 25Jul 4days. leisurely enough to sink a few, not too long to frighten the owner. Give me a ring..Pogue: 18 May 21:45 I'm happy for you to pocket any expenses other than train-fare back to London.

K: 22Jun 11:31 Boat move, coming week end , Barrow on Soar, Leighton Buzzard, approx 7 days?Pogue: 22 June 14:25 All up for it. We can sort kitty-gritty later. need travel details.

This is normal banter between these two. Just sets a backdrop to what is about to unfold.


Time passes. . . Then this stream commences on K's channel.


Sheena: 10/07/2015 16:29 I'm so sorry to disturb you. I got your name from C. one of the people from the boat Facebook page. I need you help! We just bought your first  boat 3 weeks ago without a survey! (I was stupid) I trusted the owner... It's a 56ft narrow boat 1982! It got a Ford TD engine and it not working... told us she has a quote from a engineer £1.000 for a 2nd hand [engine]! We haven't check the batteries as the previous owner told me not working. We paid £9k. After 2 days we lifted up the floor and it looks like this.  When we paid she said £1500. After I contact engineer he told me he never been in the boat before!!!

K: 10/07/2015 17:41 The damp on top of the rust is worrying. You should really get it out of the water for a hull survey as quickly as possible. You don't say where you are so it is difficult to make recommendations as to where you might get help. If you have witnesses there is an English law of "Making a false statement in order to gain pecuniary benefit" under the 1968 Theft Act. In other words, telling lies to make money, but you would have to pursue that through solicitors.

Sheena: 10/07/2015 17:57 I'm on London. Westbourne Park. Named Boatmek will come tomorrow to check it. I can't sue the previous owner. They left the country went back to USA!

K: 10/07/2015 18:02  Very wise of them!



Sheena: 24/07/2015 00:10 Hi K. I hope you are well? Could you give some advise please: I will need a [replacement] engine! I will go for 2nd hand... The guy who came to look the boat told me to get a BMC. What do you think? Is it good? normaly how much does it cost for a second hand? And how much is a new one?


K: 24/07/2015 09:23 There have been no BMC diesel engines made since about 1970, so any that you see will be old. The other problem is that you will have to make big changes to the boat to make it fit and line up. I don't like Fords but a same engine is easier to fit. Find out what sort of vehicle your engine was used in and then buy an engine from a crashed vehicle and swap the marine parts from your old engine. Then lift the old engine out and put the new one in. I am just sorry that I am too far away to be of real help. Where is your boat exactly?

Sheena: 24/07/2015 09:25 Westbourne Park close to Little Venice. I had this mechanic check it yesterday...he suggested to get a new engine instead of repair because he believe it will be nearly the same price! he is asking for £2000 for a second[hand] engine plus his time. ...

K: 24/07/2015 09:33 That seems a LOT of money for a 2nd hand engine and saying "plus labour" is a bottomless pit to throw money into.I am moving a boat through London on Sunday so if you tell me the name of your boat I'll try to stop by. I will be on the "Named Boat" (Your phone number)

Sheena: 24/07/2015 09:37 Believe me, he's cheaper that the previous mechanic who told me he will charge me £3000 for a second hand and £6000 for a new engine. I [would] really appreciate if you [could] do that. My number is 0773xxxxxx. We are between Little Venice and Westbourne Park. I got a 56ft black boat there's no name on it. If you let me know what time you will be around I will go there and wait for you as we don't live on the boat. thanks a lot...

K: Fri24/07/2015 09:41  I'll do my best!

Sheena: 24/07/2015 09:42  Thanks a lot

26th Pogue and K depart Limehouse to work the London Locks to the West, with the intention of  the two of them checking out Sheena's boat at no cost to her while 'passing' by.

Sheena: Sun26/07/2015 10:19 "Good Morning K. Please let me know if you think you will have the time to have a look on my boat today. I don't live on it but can be there in 30min. Just let me know what time [you would expect to pass by. Thanks a lot

K: 26/07/2015 10:43 Where are you?  (We are somewhere around Haggerston)

Sheena: 26/07/2015 10:44 I'm near Named Street but once you know when you can get there I can be [at the boat] in 30min. Boat is very close to Westbourne Park Station toward Little Venice.

Shiela: 26/07/2015 12:31 I'm at home but free to go there any time.

(By now we are in the vicinity of Camden, working locks and moving along).

Sheena: 26/07/2015 13:37 I'm sorry this iPhone is driving me crazy. You type something and it write everything wrong. I'm staying in a friend house close to Named Street. I can be there in 30min once I know when you can pop in. Just let me know when you would be available.

(We eventually found it by Meanwhile Gardens about 7pm!)  K.looked at it and formed an opinion; then called Pogue over for a view. Pogue took one look at it and said "It is not worth spending money on a box of matches to set fire to it". "Sheena" was advised to walk away from it and not even look back. It would sink in situ in its own time and since she was not registered and the owner could not be contacted she's save [a pile of] money. We dined in a nearby hostelry. Despondent at seeing a lass throwing 10K into the cut. Delivered our boat over the next few days. Went about our respective lives.


 Sheena: 29/07/2015 21:46 I would like to thank you for coming on Sunday and thanks you so much for all the advise. I really appreciate it.

K: 29/07/2015 21:51: I hated myself for having to say what I did but, sometime, you may feel you were rightly advised.

Sheena: 29/07/2015 21:54 I really appreciate all you said.  

( Sorta forgot about it. Got on with our lives. Then out of the blue ...)

Sheena: Wed.25/11/2015 00:55: (Note not only the date but the time.  Also note this section following has been heavily edited but retains exactly the sense intended. The original was almost impossible to read or interpret. Suspect the weed or the wine was working its way through)

K. I hope you are well and remember me? Just a quickly question: How often do we have to check the oil in a narrowboat? I took my boat to "Boatyard"  to "BoatMek" to have a look. He suggested [that] as he has a 'powerful' battery and would be able to check on it. Left it in the yard and after 2 months he told me I wouldn't need another engine as he was fixing the [original].  Got a "quote" from him:     ( IT WAS NOT A "QUOTE". IT WAS AN INVOICE. )

" Made engine start & run, cut out old diesel tanks.Replace with 1 new tank & 1 Battery £1590 + vat = £1908.00 100 Ltrs Diesel @ 90p per litre = £90  Total = £1998.00" 

2 days after I paid him £1,998.00 by bank transfer, I later came to collect the boat and there was a man who works for him. This man said to us "there's oil leaking [from] the engine". After questioning when did [he] find [this] out? it transpired it was a day after I had made the payment!... "now you need to decide if you want to keep the boat or sell it or put another engine in it! I replied and said: "That was the reason I took the boat here,  so NB could provide the best solution. The man told me if I was happy I could take the boat and every 2hrs I will have to fill it up!!! I declined and tried to contact NB ( who never answer any of my call and txt) I went down to his house and asked his wife to call him, I finally talk to him and he told me the man wasn't a engineer mechanic so he will look at it himself. today (three weeks later!) I got a text from his wife saying:

 "Hi Sheena a couple of the oil leaks have been cured it's running well but still a slight leak which would take a complete engine out / strip down to fully find fault. Without this [it] will [still] run ok but need a daily oil check which should be done anyway . So the boat is safe to take away as long as oil is checked. Hope this helps. Mrs NM"

If I could I would just throw this boat away

but I already invested all my savings in it and I can't lose it all.

Do you think I should take the boat from his yard? Thanks a lot . ...

K: 25/11/2015 10:08 It is impossible to say. Yes, you should check the oil every day, but how much you have to put in is the critical factor. I can't comment on the work done because I don't know what you asked NM to do or what he has done. So much in law depends on opinion. It was my opinion, and the opinion of Pogue that it was not worth spending any money [at all] on that boat. I told you that the engine had been incorrectly installed and that the cost of repair would exceed the value of the boat, and that you would still have a very rusty boat. Your opinion and NB's obviously differed from mine and you had the work carried out, there is therefore nothing further that I can say. I'm sorry ...

Sheena: 25/11/2015 10:10 Thanks...

K: 25/11/2015 10:23 I'm sorry there is nothing further that I can say without a proper survey. As I suggested when we met, the boat should have been properly surveyed and the surveyors opinion acted upon before purchase, and I'm pretty sure that a £1000 surveyors report would have come to the same onclusion that I did after a quick look around ...

Chat conversation end

Pogue, 30/11/2015 2205 here are the messages from the young lady whose boat we looked at. I am very disappointed that somebody has taken £2000 to put a diesel tank into it even though that may be the only thing keeping it afloat! K.