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Hi and welcome.
My name is Jeanette from "Grannies Knitting Needles".
I have two children and four lovely grandchildren.  I lost my wonderful husband Gordon in February 2008 who was a constant support to me and supported both my doll collecting and my knitting. The friends I have met through the doll world have kept me going through this difficult time.



~ Megan and Harry ~



~ Shauna and Martin ~





Disney 2009

I first started knitting when I was just 12 years of age taught by my aunt who was partially blind.
Over the years and when my two children were small, I used to knit everything for them and for dad and I enjoyed it very much.
Now things are so different, the grandchildren don't want items Grandma has knitted as they are not modern enough for them.

I recently got interested in Reborn dolls on e-bay and found that people loved to dress these babies in the older styles of matinee jackets and bonnets and lovely shawls. So once again out came the knitting needles and I have had so much response I decided to have my own web site so people could look at all the items I make and order what they wanted direct without having to go through e-bay auctions, but I still use the auctions for my items.


Over the next few pages I will endeavour to show pictures of some of the items I have already done and as I go along will add new ones. Also if there are anything special someone wants I will endeavour to find a pattern to suit their needs.


Because of increased demands I have decided to add a page of patterns so you can either chose from something I have already knit or ask for a quote for a pattern of your choice




Please note items to order may take up to one month as alot of work goes into some items I make.


As I go along with my crafts I shall upgrade my site. I only photo and add items I have knit and do not show photos from knitting patterns.



I would like to thank Gilly of Gillytots for the use

of her pictures of her beautiful babies wearing

some of my knitted items

If you wish to contact me please click button below
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