Moora Working Draught Horses

 Moora Working Draught Horse Horses

 "The Max Seamer Memorial Event."

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 This site is now for the Moora Working Draught Horses

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 This Site Is Now For The Moora Working Draght Horses "
As we are a new Group and are not involved with GVAHG

Our Main Event Is Easter Where The Draght Horses Put On A Spectaclar Display Of Earlt Faming

But We will be in the future holding other horse events , keep an eye on this site for our future planed horse event

Please also note this site and Domain Name is and has always been owned by  Chardonnay Park Arabians since l built the site for the old commitie around 7years ago

No other parties have ever paid for or had access to this site ,the site was done by me J Maher  for GVAHC as a good will gesture to the old commitie ,  all GVAHC content has now been removed domain name will be changed at a later date this site is now dedicated to our Draught Horses and handlers