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We would like to replenish our stock of business cards, donate a few books including one to our friend in Ghana, and start a travel fund for future speaking engagements. Message us if you have a place you'd like to propose we have an event at - godlygirls@yahoo.com

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Write For GGFG

Have you written a devotional, story, article of advice, or song lately?

We're looking for writers like you!


Speak God's truth to the world through your experiences - write it, and send it - we would love to post it on our site!





Devotionals must be:

~ Biblically based; we will not post devotionals that express beliefs that contradict the truths found in the Word of God.

~ Written by you, so we have the author's permission!

~ We also ask you to be open to editing that we may request be done in regard to spelling and grammatical errors, and doctrinal disagreements, though we hope to not have any.


Stories must be:

~ Clearly considered a struggle between good and evil; the main characters must not condone evil acts without suffering the consequences; the good guys win and the bad guys lose.

~ Free of impure language

~Original, so we have permission to post!



~ The editors of GGFG will consider each advice piece on an individual basis. Format is a question, and the answer. We usually base the advice off of Scripture, and include the references we worked off of in our column.


Songs must be:

~ Your own work - so we have permission to post!

~ Promote hope; can deal with any issue as long as it resolves positively. That is, we won't post songs that leave the reader without reason to think of the goodness of God, life, and beauty.

~ Have clear form (stanzas or some sort of structure) for easy reading

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  • 33.33%
    New Year Expenses Goal: $300.00 Raised: $100.00 1 donations