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“To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” (Quote by Abe Lincoln)

    You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.” (Quote by Abe Lincoln)

The World, as many of us in the USA, have figured out, it is changing! Our History is being changed and mis-interpeted. Our Resources are being used by Left Leaning Corporations to benefit thier greed and not our own people. The Left Leaning Professionals, Actors Guilds, Educators and Institutions, for far too long, have been, reshaping The America's, to benefit the few.

Our Government has been pillaged, and replaced by those the Corporate Media of the Left, has portrayed as the best solution, even when it is clear, the solution is the worse case scenario. We here at The Global Observer have decided to bring you news and information that will be useful for citizens of British, European, Asian, African, and Indians of the America's Culture's, whose fore-fathers, established The United States of America, Latin America, and Canada. Information we cover will be for those who look at The Americas, from a FreeRepublic value system, and not that of the Global Elite, who run the Corporations, under the guise of a One World Government.

We are part of the Ops4 Media Group, whose views have been seen for over 7 years through Town Hall, FreeRepublic, and many of the conservative forums and news sites.

As you read through our online news center, be aware we are still on Town Hall and you will see our link to our Blog there, as well as our Ops4freep blog, which introduces our Ronald Reagan Army Association and The Institute for Western Hemisphere Studies!  In our Study section for the Institute of You will find the truths behind the taking of our government by those who Killed President John F Kennedy! We have a lived a lie ever since.

We will be establishing our online radio reports, and soon, our Radio Free America reports, on radio stations in the United States, Latin America, and Canada. The rest of the world will be hearing us online and over shortwave.

With the advent of a World Economic Recession, fast heading to a Depression era, for the history books, we find it necessary to cover the financial dealings of all sides, so you can evaluate the situation right along with us.

Each section will inform you of current events, as well as, the established History of all of those who have helped establish The Western Hemisphere, from around the Globe. Both the positive and negative results, of all sides.

As you will see the categories are tabbed for your review, and research at the top of this page.

We will also have a link system to prove up our sources, for the coverage we present.

As we endeavor to bring you as much information as we can, we are always open to suggestions from our audience around the Globe. You will find on our contact page the information system to correspond with us.

May The Good Lord Guide and Bless us all.

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