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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Glenwood Sunday Market a City of Chicago Farmers Market?

No, the Glenwood Sunday Market is an independent farmers market and is proud to be a program of the Rogers Park Business Alliance. Being independent gives the Market freedom to choose its vendors, set criteria for admission and make decisions that are within the laws of the City of Chicago pertaining to pet attendance, market activities, staffing and other operations without deferring to City of Chicago Farmers Market’s processes, rules and regulations.

What is the mission and vision of the Glenwood Sunday Market?
The mission of the Glenwood Sunday Market is to make sustainable, regionally produced foods available to our whole community.  Our vision is that through an integrated relationship of food, education and community we will achieve our goal of an environmentally engaged neighborhood.

Who funds the Glenwood Sunday Market?
As an independent organization, the Glenwood Sunday Market is responsible for raising money to fund itself. In addition to raising funds through community-based special events, the Market also relies on the generous support of individual members and actively seeks out grants, sponsors, collaborative relationships with other nonprofits and local businesses.

Who started the Glenwood Sunday Market?
The Glenwood Sunday Market is the result of the grassroots efforts of Rogers Park Community members. Over a two-year planning period, many, many Rogers Parkers were involved in developing the imagination that has become today’s Glenwood Sunday Market. Key figures in the earliest phase were Rene Camargo and Bob Fields who had the initial inspiration to start a new farmers market in Rogers Park.

How does the Glenwood Sunday Market operate?
Glenwood Sunday Market is a program of Rogers Park Business Alliance. The Market has a Leadership Council composed of Rogers Park community members who have a long term commitment to the success and development of the Glenwood Sunday Market. The Council operates with a consensus model and sets the mission, vision, direction and policies of the Market and is responsible to the Board of Directors of the Rogers Park Business Alliance. Facilitation of the overall development of the Glenwood Sunday Market is the responsibility of Rogers Park Business Alliance's Sustainability Director, Sheree Moratto. Day-of-Market operations are the responsibility of Market Manager, Ann Hinterman.

Who chooses the vendors for the Glenwood Sunday Market?
The market's Leadership Council approves the vendors for the Glenwood Sunday Market, based on a recommendation from the Market Manager and the Market Director.

How can I become a vendor at the Glenwood Sunday Market?
There is an application process for all vendors (whether new or returning).  Currently, the Market is full with a waiting list, but you may still apply if interested.  A $75.00 application is required along with the completed application.  If you are accepted, a weekly fee is also required.   Please note, the Market is a “food-only” market with a priority to accept growers and food artisans working within 200 miles of zip code 60626 and using sustainable and organic growing methods and/or ingredients.

How do I volunteer for the Glenwood Sunday Market?
Contact the Glenwood Sunday Market's Director, Sheree Moratto at or 773-508-5885, ext. 13.  Or, stop by the Payment Tent in the middle of the Market and sign up there.

How can I pay for my purchases at the Glenwood Sunday Market?
All vendors accept cash; some accept checks, credit/cards and WIC (Women Infant Children) and SFMNP (Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program) vouchers. The Market has also has a token payment program that allows customers to use their Visa, MasterCard as well as LINK Up (SNAP) cards. Just stop at the Payment Tent for more details.

Why are there pets allowed at the Glenwood Sunday Market and what is the policy?
Rogers Park is a very dog-friendly neighborhood. The market strives to be as inclusive as possible and so dogs are allowed provided the owners adhere to our dog etiquette rules. The policy is as follows:

  • If you decide to bring a pet to the Market, you are personally responsible (and liable) for the actions of your pet.
  • All pets must be under the direct control of their person who must be16 years of age or better.
  • Please keep your pet on a leash that is less than 2’ in length and remember that pets must be always be at their person’s side.
  • Pets must be courteous and able to socialize with people and other animals in order to be welcome at the Market.
  • Be prepared to clean up after your animal – please bring appropriate gear.
  • Animals must be kept at least 6’ away from produce, plants, food, vendors and other Market patrons.
  • Any animal creating a disturbance (barking, whining, unwanted contact with a patron, vendor or staff person) will be removed from the Market.
  • Any animal that displays any form of aggression, including but not limited to growling, baring of teeth, snapping or biting while at the Market is prohibited from attending and must leave the Market immediately.
  • With the exception of restrictions being placed on aggression, none of the above limitations shall be placed upon dogs or other animals acting as service animals
  • Any animal off a leash or unattended is subject to the immediate removal by the City of Chicago Animal Control Unit.
  • Glenwood Sunday Market enforces the City of Chicago laws regarding pets which include a leash law, clean up of droppings, current tags and current rabies certificate. Find City of Chicago Dog Licensing and Regulations information here.

Can I hand out leaflets, post cards, business cards, gather signatures for petitions or play music at the Market?
The Glenwood Sunday Market requests that individuals or organizations who do not want to apply to become a non profit partner of the Market or who choose to bring informational material and/or petitions to the Market area without previous arrangements stays outside of the Market's barricades.  The Market has a Special Event Permit from the City of Chicago’s Mayor’s Office of Special Events to close the street for the Market.

The Market does not currently offer an entertainment program, but musicians who are interested in performing can contact Market Manager Ann Hinterman at 


Remember - Market Management reserves the right to remove any person and/or pet from the Market.

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Upcoming Events

Monday, Jul 16 at 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Monday, Aug 20 at 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Monday, Sep 17 at 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Monday, Oct 15 at 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Market Location

The 2015 Glenwood Sunday Outdoor Market (June - October) will be located on southbound Glenwood Avenue between Morse & Lunt on the west side of the CTA tracks.


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Glenwood Sunday Market

Glenwood Sunday Market Endorsement Policy

Glenwood Sunday Market does not endorse any individual, group, products or services and shall not be held liable under any circumstances for any damages that may result from use of or reliance on information, services or merchandise provided by sponsors and vendors of the Glenwood Sunday Market.


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