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 It is with much excitement that the 2011 Australian Womans Trick Riding Championships will be held at Equitana in Sydney on the 10th to the 13th of November. GGGWA are proud to announce that our team will be making the long journey across with our horses to compete amoungst the best! Jacinta Maurer, Rebecca Circosta, Carly Thomas and 9year old Tiana Harrington will battle it out for the Australian Title. This will be the first time we have ever competed against each other and show the rest of Australia that we, and our horses could have what it takes.

                               STOP PRESS!!!


       Girls Girls Girls WA featured in the Serpentine Jarrahdale Examinar



 GGGWA make front page of the Armadale Examinar         GGGWA make front page of the Bunbury Herald



     GGGWA featured in the SJ Sun             Carly and Digger in the South Western times

  Jacinta and Buddy - South West times.          Bec and Swarvy Featured as the main

                                                                 advertisement for the Bunbury Herald


GGGWA Had a fun packed weekend! We attended the Oakford RDA Grand Opening day of there lovely new indoor arena. Was great to be involved, and to help out a wonderful organisation. Seeing all the disabled kids enjoying the horses and constantly offering to help us girls with our horses with washing, feeding and rugging really touched our hearts. GGGWA put on a fast paced action packed show leaving the specatators with there hearts in the mouth. We were also excited to announce Tiana Harrington who is only 9 years old in her first show with the team. During the week before the open day Jacinta helped young Jess with a horse Jacinta has bred and trained to perform a beautiful liberty act. This lovely demonstration showed the bond that can be achieved between human and horse. Performed to the beautiful song "Wild Horses" Sang by Natasha Bedingfield, left people with tears in there eyes. GGGWA felt proud and privileged to be involved in such a great organisation.


        L-R Jess, Carly, Tiana, Bec and Jacinta                                             9year old Tiana in a Layover on Digger


            Bec in a Suicide Drag on Swarvy                                                Jacinta in a Layover on Buddy


           Carly doing double vaults on Digger                                   Jacinta in the Crain Stand on Swarvy


              Jess and JLacy Park Ambrosia                                                 getting up for there bridless riding


               Working at Liberty                                                                 Laying down                                 



GGGWA will be performing at the RDA State Open Day July 31st

Lots of things to see and do! A great fun filled packed day supporting a great organisation.

GGGWA would like to welcome our new Sponsor!

A locally owned business in Oakford, a horsey orientated family, and a great support to GGGWA!


GGGWA would also like to welcome FORGE N FARRIERS as a wonderful sponsor to the team! Jesse Denham has been a farrier to Jacinta for over 10years now and plays a major role in making sure GGGWA's horses hooves are in the best of condition. No hoof, no horse!

GGGWA are holding another 3 Day Trick riding Camp this school Holidays! Dates are 22nd - 24th of July. Spots are filling fast. The 3 Day Camp teaches students confidence, Showmanship, Horsemanship, The art of how to trick ride correctly and gracefully, How to work together as a team and how to put on a trick riding show. All Students at the end of the camp will put on a show for friends and family showcasing all they have learnt over the 3 Days. Email girlsgirlsgirlswa@hotmail or phone Jacinta on 0417531376 for more details

GGGWA are heading to Toodyay to perform at a 50th Birthday Party! GGGWA have some nice surprises in store for the Birthday girl :)

It's been a full packed month for GGGWA with our 3day trick camp a great success, performing for a very surprised Birthday girl at her 50th Birthday Party and performing at the RDA State Office Day. We have some upcoming young little trick stars that we are very proud of and are getting to experience riding infront of an audience and learning what goes on before and after a show, and the value of working in a team. GGGWA are not just teaching these young girls how to trick ride, but teaching these girls how to ride properly as most girls that come to us couldn't even canter on a horse. No new trick is learnt until the girls have mastered and perfected the first trick. GGGWA is now gearing up and getting ready for Dalwallinu Show on the 27th of August Where our young rider Tiana Harrington will be performing 3 big shows in preperation for getting ready to compete at the Australian Trick riding Championships held at Equitana in Sydney. Tiana who just celebrated her 10th Birthday has been training hard with learning how to canter to performing certain tricks gracefully on a galloping horse with utmost control and perfection. A bio on Tiana and her progress will be uploaded soon. Please check out our video page as it is updated monthly with our performances :)

    Young girls at GGGWA TRICK CAMP                  Jacinta performing the crain stand on Buddy


Bec performing the Suicide on Swarvy                Carly performing the two foot layover on Digger





GGGWA have been jam packed busy with a show every weekend. The team travelled up to Dalwallinu Ag Show on the 27th of August performing 3 Shows in one day for everyone up there. Was a beautiful weekend, a great venue with lots of laughs, good fun and plenty of team spirit. Next on our list was Horse of the Year at the SEC. Carly Thomas had just returned from a lovely 3 week holiday in Broome and was straight back into hanging off the side of a horse with great style providing onlookers with some great Dinner entertainment.

Not much rest and it was back to the SEC for the Dressage Festival for another show for Dinner Entertainment. Horses were starting to think that the SEC was there second home away from home. With only 3days rest for the horses and us girls, it was time to pack up the car/float and horses for the 7hour drive to Mingenew Lions Midwest Expo for two days of performances performing 6x over those two days. This show was to be a massive task. As it was during the week, we were not to be blessed with all our helpers. So it was just us 3 girls, 3 horses, and the long road. ROADTRIP!! The people of Mingenew and surrounds were amazing people. We couldn't of asked for more helpful, friendly and happy folk. Us girls had an amazing 4days away (2days of that driving) The Expo was mind blowing. So much to see and do. Us girls worked very hard as we had the job of everything. Saddling/strapping/feeding/unsaddling/performing/promo work/interviews/signing/costume changes etc. We had 3x shows a day, so there was not much time for us girls to worry about our needs except for the last day we had a good 2 and a half hour gap between a show, so we tended to the horses and raced off to get a much needed chinese massage, and it was amazing!!

 The horses performed amazing every show with the same enthusiasm as the first. Much to Buddy's Disappointment I decided not to use him for the last show as he was a bit muscle sore. But he came to watch his team mates and was held by a horse crazy fan and stood in the crowd like a little fan himself cheering us all on. The crowd got to see some daredevil tricks such as the double spritz, tail drag/hippodrome combo, Stroud Layout and some spectacular tripple vaulting.

Mingenew was an amazing experience and through great team effort us 3 girls pulled off the 6 shows and got home safe and sound. A nice big rest now for the horses and ourselves in preperation for our big adventure to the East Side for The Australian Trick Riding Championships!


      Carly completing Tripple Vaults                                              Jacinta performing the Fly Away Stand


           Bec in Suicide Drag                                                                   Tiana in a Hippodrome Stand

A huge big thankyou goes out to our amazing sponsors GLENVAR HAY who provide our horses with amazing quality Oaten Hay to keep our horses in great performing condition. HARRIS ENTERTAINMENT for there ongoing support, knowledge and advise to all us girls, if it wasn't for them and there trick riding supplies we wouldn't be doing what we are doing. FORGE-N-FARRIERS for keeping our horses feet in sound hoof stomping condition. JF BITUMEN PAVING for there help and ongoing support at shows, and there donation for our new bright costumes. DIANNE MAURER for making and designing all of our girls costumes, Blinker covers and saddle blankets. and GERALDTON IRON ORE ALLIANCE for making it possible for us girls to travel to Mingenew and perform! Without all these people we couldn't do what we do. SO THANKYOU!


Not long now and GGGWA will be heading across to NSW to compete in the Womans Extreme Australian Trick Riding Championships. A much BIG thanks goes out to RAMSAY'S HORSE TRANSPORT for sponsoring Swarvy for the journey across to NSW to compete with the best horses in the business. Buddy and Digger will be holding the forte back here in the West to entertain the people for Harvey Dickson Rodeo on the 29th of October - Busselton Pony Club Windup on the 20th of November and Bridgetown Agriculteral show on the 26th of November.

Harris Entertainment are kindly lending horses for the rest of the team to compete on. Without Heath and Krissy, Trick riding would not be what it is today in Australia. Swarvy is looking a million dollars for his long trip, and this is with great thanks to GLENVAR HAY for sponsoring our horses with premium quality oaten and lucerne hay.

Us girls hope to do Western Australia proud and have the time of our lives with amazing people. Thanks to everyone for the amazing support. Without you guys this could not be possible


                                              WE ARE BACK!!!  




 The most amazing crew ever at Heath and Krissy Harris's

L-R Mark, Michelle,Julie, Lexi, Carly,Tiana, Jacinta, Matt, Bec, Dianne and swarvy

GGGWA had an amazing time in Sydney. Ramsays Horse Transport and Al's Horse transport played a massive role in helping everything possible by sponsoring Swarvy's trip to the East side to compete. Swarvy looked amazing when he arrived in Sydney, and performed like a true professional. Swarvy stayed on Heath and Krissy's property and was looked after by Nakita Barber until we all arrived. A BIG THANK-YOU goes out to these guys. Heath and Krissy kindly loaned us two beautiful trick horses. Grubb a beautiful Black Quarter horse cross Thoroughbred for Bec, and a cute little Buckskin pony for our youngest member Tiana. Dan and Pia Steers also loaned us there old faithful Stockhorse gelding Andiamo for Carly to compete on. All these horses matched the girls perfectly, and we can't thankyou all enough!

Dianne Maurer spent hours behind the sowing machine making a total of 7costumes, saddle blankets and blinker covers so us girls and horses all looked amazing in bright sparkly's.

Rozbys Gear sponsored some amazing Iconoclast Orthopedic sport boots that our horses trained in and competed in. These boots not only looked professional, but helped our horses legs with the demands of trick riding.

As a team we went through every emotion under the sun, there was laughter and tears of joy and achievement. This trip has all made us closer and stronger, now we are all planning our next adventure to the east side already.

Sat at Equitana was the compulsory devision with Carly Thomas placing 2nd. Jacinta Maurer placing 3rd, Bec Circosta placing 5th and Tiana Harrington Placing 4th. The nerves before this event were unreal. Once it was dun and dusted and we had experienced the electric that the arena held, we were pumped for the freestyle section on the Sunday. Ranelle Adams from Emerald in Queensland was the lady to beat.

New costumes and more excitement, Sunday arrived pretty quick. All the horses were more pumped and alive than the Sat as they new what was in that arena. The girls Freestyle tricks were nothing short of amazing. The music was loud and pumping and the crowd was amazing. Ranelle Adams performed the dangerous trick Under the neck! This was hair raising to watch and unbelieveable!! Ranelle nailed it and added a vault at the end. A well deserved winner of The Australian Trick Riding Championships. Jacinta recieved Runner up Australian Champion on Swarvy, Bec Circosta was 3rd, Carly Thomas 5th and Young Tiana Harrington Achieved 3rd. Tiana was also awarded the Steff Coldstream encouragement award winning a beautiful pink embroided rug. This brought all us big girls to tears to see Tiana win this. Was the icing on the cake for our trip.

All the girls competing were amazing, and we all banded together helping eachother. Ranelle, Cody, Roz and Christy, you were all amazing and was great catching up with you all again. Christy Connor badly sprained her ankle the day before the champs and spent 4hours in hospital waiting for X-Rays. Christy was told that she would not be riding. Christy would have to be one of my biggest inspirations. Such a touch, amazing, talented young woman. Christy did compete, and did absolutely amazing. All her tricks were some really tough vaults. Imagine being on crutches with a black and blue ankle and going out and vaulting off a horse that is really moving. My hat goes off to you Christy, and I hope you are resting up.

Our very colourful costumes for the freestyle

Tiana with Heath Harris winning the Steff Coldstream Encouragement award




Tiana and Bec

Jacinta and Swarvy

Finally I have got a chance to update everyone on what has been happening since Equitana. The excitement didn't stop there. We were lucky enough to have the lovely Prim Mckellar fly all the way over from Sydney straight after the Championships to spend two weeks with us to improve on her trick riding. There was no rest for the Wicked, Still bruised and sore from the trick Champs  Jacinta knuckled down with Prim and went to work, as Buddy and Digger had 2x performances to do in Bussleton. Prim had her work cut out for her and showed great enthusiasm and style to be able to complete this show with much professionalism at the job at hand.

 Swarvy was due to arrive home the tuesday after Bussleton...little did he know that he was to be loaded up on the Friday destined for Bridgetown show with his fellow four legged team mates. (Buddy, Digger and Rastus)

Swarvy Arrived home with Ramsays Horse Transport the tuesday Morning looking a picture of health and full of life. (I can't thank these guys enough!) Was time to pack and take the four horses destined for Bridgetown. A quick rehearsal on the Friday afternoon, to show the horses where they would be performing and we were all set. GGGWA performed 3x Shows throughout the Sat with Country Singer Chad Woods singing and playing some songs to kick start and finish off the show.


Jacinta and Buddy performing the Reverse Spritz and Spin the Horn Vaults for the crowd at Bridgetown.



                  Bec on Swarvy in the Spritz and Suicide Drag Entertaining the crowd



        Carly in the Kiwi Star and Reverse Spritz on Rastus performing for Bridgetown Show


                    Prim from NSW showing Bridgetown the Kiwi Star and GGGWA Salute.

Before GGGWA headed to Equitana we performed for the 3rd year at Harvey Dickson Rodeo 10th Anniversary. If you have not been to the this rodeo it is a MUST! The Shindig on the Friday night is a must with some brilliant country singers entertaining everyone till past Midnight with the Rodeo kicking off at 2pm on the Sat followed by a line up of some great bands to see you bootscooting well into the night. GGGWA opened up the rodeo and had a wonderful weekend. Swarvy was not able to attend this Rodeo as he was already in Sydney waiting for the team to fly over. Here are some pictures


                                                         Jacinta and Buddy flying in the Swan


           Carly completing the Tripple Vaults and Jacinta and Carly in the Double star on Digger


                                Bec hanging around in the suicide and Horn drag on Rastus



                      Jacinta on Buddy in the Spritz and Carly on Rastus in the One Foot Layover



                                                 GGGWA standing for the National Anthem

All these beautiful photo's taken at Harvey Dickson were shot by Dave Watson from Bullsense Photograpghy

GGGWA couldn't of ended the year any better. The horses went out for a well deserved good 3 month break. The team and horses are back in full swing with Merriden Ag Show on the 31st of March. Please stay tuned for more pics and video footage.

                      Full Swing and covered with bling

what a jam packed month for GGGWA. We hit the road on the 30th of March destined for Merriden Show on the 31st. This was to be our first show for 2012 and we were all pretty excited. Horses looked a treat, and us girls bid goodbye to our no longer blemish free legs. (That were now sporting cool new bruises) GGGWA arrived in Merriden with plenty of time to have a quick practise on the run they would be performing on tomorrow. A warm shower, a nice feed of chinese and a good nights sleep, we were all set for our street parade at 9:30am with 3 shows to follow.

The street parade was a hoot. Swarvy, Digger and Rastus carried us in Hippodrome down the main street with Fire Engine Sirens going off, police cars letting there sirens go, hotted up cars revving their engines and spinning their wheels, tractors, bands. These horses endured it all without a fuss. Arriving back to the grounds it was pretty much time to kick off for our first show. Our run was in prime position for the crowd to view from both sides. To make it even more exciting the horses had to gallop towards a helicopter giving joy flights, and back to 6 camels giving rides. The horses didn't seem to care so why should we be worried?

 We had a fantastic 3 shows, with all horses and girls performing some pretty amazing stuff. It's a massive job for the horses to perform 3 shows in one day, on a run of 130metres up and back, at a gallop carrying us girls every which way. Merriden where also treated to Country Singer Chad Woods who kicked off our show with some favourite country songs. Chad also announced for us and concluded our show with some more songs.

It was time to pack up and leave, get the horses back home and get Jacinta packed as she had to fly out to Sydney very early Monday morning. Jacinta was destined for Mt White in NSW to spend a week with Heath Harris and the girls of Girls Girls Girls Extreme Stunt Team, who were all going to be trick riding on Rose Hill Racetrack right before the Richest 2year old race in the world! "The Golden Slipper" We had been chosen to present the Golden Slipper Cup in Hippodrome. There were 6 girls performing on over 200metres of Race Track! Each girl had one trick each to perform, so the tricks the girls chose were ones that they shined at. We were not only performing infront of a crowd of thousands, but also the half a BILLION people watching WORLDWIDE!! We had to constantly say to ourselves. "DON'T DROP THE SLIPPER"!!

The week in Sydney was amazing, and so were all the girls. Heath and Krissy Harris's hospitality was second to none, and their horses were all just amazing. The tricks on Rose Hill Race track were done at speed that Black Caviar would of been impressed with!! And most importantly, we didn't drop the slipper!! But the lady who took the slipper from us did lose her high heel, making us girls chuckle and the camera men go snap crazy. Without further adue, here are some photo's from this amazing day.


                                               Jacinta in the Swan on Riley



                                                           Chloe and Grub


                                                           Christy and Kenny


                                                             Cody and Marion



                                                          Teleah and Cleo


                                       Chloe and Christy Delivering the Golden Slipper!



 Flying back to WA the following Monday (very early) I was accompanied by the wonderful Prim McKellar who was staying with me for 2weeks of training and performing. Prim came over late last year after Equitana and spent 2weeks with me, and we were all very excited to have her back again. Straight off the plane we were busy training as we had Bunbury Country Horse and Music Festival that weekend. Due to Bec having to work and not being able to come, it gave Prim a chance to ride the amazing Swarvy and give her a taste of trick riding at great speed. Swarvy is the type of horse that knows all the tricks. If you don't do them properly, give 100% and committ, then why should he. He makes you sharp with getting in and out of your tricks and making sure you hold your body tight.  Swarvy is a horse that you progress onto from the old faithful ones. And Prim was ready for the challange.

Arriving in Bunbury on the Friday and very excited to have my best friend Emma who flew down from Leinster to spend the weekend and help out was fantastic. We were taking 4 horses to this show. Swarvy, Buddy, Digger and Rastus. Big thanks to Michelle and Matthew for driving Rastus down for us. All us girls had a great Rehearsal on the Friday, camped the horses up in some nice big paddocks for the night and settled down ourselves for a lovely home cooked Pork Roast and a bit of singing before lights out.

It was up early Sat Morning, go collect the ponies and drive to the venue for our first show at 10.30. The turnout was amazing. All us girls were pumped and nervous as well.  All us girls were dressed in all different colours and our horses looked amazing in all their new BLING which was proudley sponsored by Legends horse Gear. The horses were wearing the Legends Sparkle set which consisted of a sparkle saddle pad, sparkle boots and sparkle bell boots. I'm pretty sure you would of seen us on google earth we sparkled that much!

Once again the crowd was amazing, Prim did a fantastic job riding Swarvy and Buddy. This was also young Tiana's first show back for the year and she looked as cute as a button in pink on Digger. Pictures speak a thousand words so hear they are. All pictures are taken by the very talented Wendy Slee.



                                          Jacinta in the Spritz and Swan on Buddy


                      Prim in the Kiwi Star on Swarvy and Carly in the Two Foot Layover on Rastus

                        Tiana all pretty in Pink in the Layover and Hippodrome on Digger 


                           Carly on Rastus in the Kiwi Star and Prim on Swarvy in the Reverse Fender


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