Girls Girls Girls W.A Trick Riding Team

Trick Riding



Digger, Digger, Digger! This little guy looks like a clydesdale chopped off at the knees! But what a great little trick pony! Digger is a favourite with the crowd and just loves the attention. Digger is a welsh D cross clydesdale and is around 13yrs old. Digger has taught Past performers of Girls Girls Girls WA how to trick ride with grace and confidence. He is one of lifes treasures, and is worth his weight in Gold.


Jacinta and Christy performing the Liberty stand and Taildrag











Jacinta and Christy performing the Double Liberty Stand 




Swarvy by name, Swarvy by nature. This horse is pretty swarv! With the stand out looks, this horse is a star.  Swarvy is such a professional when it comes to showtime. Swarvy is a 7yr old paint gelding and loves the crowd, so when you see Swarv at a show make sure you cheer real loud and let him know how swarv you think he is! 



 Bec circosta in a mane drag









Jacinta carrying the Girls Girls Girls WA flag

BUDDY (aka Thunder)

Buddy a well seasoned performer is an awesome sight to see when thundering down the run. A true little gentleman with a lot to give with his great work attitude, this thundering quarter horse cross Clydie will certainly make the earth move.


 Jacinta hanging around on Buddy in the Suicide performing at Polo in the Valley



 Jacinta performing the reverse Fender on Buddy at Polo in the Valley



Rastus is proudley owned and Bred by the Thomas Family (Carly's parents). He is an Australian Stockhorse. Rising 8years old.

Here is Carly's story on her wonderful gelding.

I Stopped riding due to work commitments the year he was born ….. I arrived at the farm one morning and he was rearing and trying to strike dad at the end of a neck rope ( As Rastus had not been handled since he was about six months of age now was rising five) …. It’s about time someone broke this horse in … I said," Well I will do it with a big smile on my face" .

After a couple of weeks down at our break in camp situated at the beach. Rastus now very civilised , I kept saying to dad, "This is going to make someone a great horse" ! I came home and was watching him in the paddock after more training .Dad said, "what would you say if I said you can have this horse ? “I would be Ecstatic I replied eagerly” … Dad replied “ well He’s yours Then!”

Now Rastus is a very valued member of the GGGWA team, taking every show in his stride.


             Carly and Rastus performing the Cupid and Reverse Fender



Malaika is a purebred Arabian Mare by the lovely Fairview Amir El Miskaal and out of Hillain Naardia. Malaika was purchased for Jacinta's mother as a nice quiet riding mare for Endurance. With endurance on the back burner and trick riding taking over Malaika went to waste. With the team expanding and more shows being booked Jacinta needed more trick horses. Instead of going and purchasing more horses for the team Jacinta wanted to make do with what she had sitting in the paddock, and this included her endurance horses.

So the process started of making new trick horses and we are proud to introduce



pictured with prim in green, and Nadine in reverse fender


Shareeba is an Anglo Arab mare. Purchased for Endurance back in 2005. A qualified Endurance mare with a lot of get up and go.

 When Jacinta got out of Endurance and her friend lost her horse to old age. Jacinta thought it to be perfect to give Shareeba to her friend where Shareeba would be loved and adored. Now her friend is moving to England and Shareeba is back with Jacinta and once again is fast becoming a natural to trick riding.


Jacinta in Spritz on Shareeba


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