Giant's Causeway & Bushmills Railway

'...listen for the whistle...'

On Saturday 10th July 2010 the Giantís Causeway & Bushmills Railway took delivery of a specially customised diesel powered locomotive together with three new passenger coaches capable of accommodating up to 90 passengers, all of which have been specially designed by the Company and by the manufacturers, Severn Lamb UK Ltd. , to enhance the visitor experience to the North Antrim Coast. The Giantís Causeway & Bushmills Railway follows the breathtaking two mile extension of the original Giant's Causeway and Bushmills Hydro Electric Tram track.  Both the new locomotive and passenger coaches have been designed to recreate, in so far as it be possible, the passenger experience of the original hydro electric tram providing a nostalgic journey linking the town of Bushmills to the UNESCO World Heritage site at the Giantís Causeway. 

Four Oliver Transport lorries had made their way from Alcester, Warwickshire on Friday 9th July 2010, overnight on the Norfolkline Birkenhead to Belfast ferry and then onward to Bushmills. At 8.56am on Saturday 10th July 2010 the four flat bed lorries carrying the new rolling stock appeared over Ballylinney hill en route to the Giantís Causeway station. Castle Engineering had been at the station from 07.30 setting up the 50 tonne all terrain mobile crane to lift the drive unit and 3 coaches onto the rails.

PSNI had accompanied the convoy from Priestland to the Giantís Causeway, through the town of Bushmills to ensure safe passage of the precious cargo. On arrival at the Giantís Causeway station the four lorries circled the car park and allowed staff and friends of the railway to take photographs of these eagerly awaited items of rolling stock.


At 9.30am the crane swung into action and started the meticulous job of unloading onto the tracks at the railway. Two banksmen were on hand with the coaches lifted precariously to approximately 30 feet off the ground. Within 90 minutes all coaches and the drive unit were unloaded.


Train services were not disrupted with No 3 Shane (Andrew Barclay & Sons, 2265, 1969) taking the strain at 11am to take the first passengers of the day to Bushmills.


Commissioning of the new rolling stock by the manufacturers began on Monday 12th July with the inaugural journey expected on Thursday 15th July 2010.

The diesel locomotive is powered by a Kubota V3600-E3 engine and although the Company is intent on using this new rolling stock for most of the 2010 season and beyond, steam days will be operated occasionally throughout the season.