Gene Kelly, Creative Genius

A personal celebration of his life and work


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Reply Demi Kelly
9:36 AM on July 17, 2017 
Hí, I would love to read more but when I fill in my password it's wrong. I hope someone can help me to join. I wish you well, Sue. Hope to hear from you soon . Warm regards, Demi
Reply Margarita
3:59 PM on July 13, 2017 
Dear Sue, I am so glad I found you. And your work. It feels all so empathetic and sympathetic. I am so sorry to read about all your trubbles and difficulties. I don't understand! First of all I wish you well and I hope and pray for your recovery. That is the most important thing. So crazy that Patricia Ward is giving you a hard time! It troubles me a lot. You do it all with so much love!!! It is such a pity. At the moment I am having a bit of a hard time myself and reading about Gene and watching him, gives me so much joy. I am a performer myself and I am studying his material to get a better dancer. Thank you again, it is so great to have found this community of Gene lovers;-) Get well and look after yourself. I am from Amsterdam, by the way. Goodluck! Margarita Demicheli
Reply Sweet Sue
1:03 PM on July 11, 2017 
Sue, I'm very happy to hear that you're feeling better and relaxing.
I agree about the Brideson book and have written that they give way too much credence to Arthur Laurents and Lela Simone both of whom saw and heard things that nobody else ever did. When it comes to Gene Kelly, neither one of them has credibility.
I more I read about Gene (thank you) the more I like and admire him.
Super talent makes some people very jealous.
Enjoy your summer and don't let anybody get you down.
Reply geneius
9:10 AM on July 10, 2017 
Hi Sweet Sue - sweet by name and sweet by nature!! It's lovely to know you are thinking of me. I am about to start a period with no treatment so hopefully I will get stronger and more like my 'old' self for a while.
When my brain is less addled I will get started on checking through the 'offending' pages. I am sure I can reinstate most of the content, just need to decide how to do it while complying with English copyright requirements.
I am currently reading 'He's Got Rhythm'. It is an interesting read, with lots of well researched background material, but I am a little disappointed that so much prominence is given to the opinions of Lela Simone, who I believe, like Arthur Laurents, did not like Gene very much. I am fully aware that Mr. Kelly could be a real pain and was not always the paragon some of his more avid fans would have him be,he was human after all, but for me, the positives in his life, work and personality, far outweigh the negatives. A more balanced approach would have been appreciated. Though I am only half way through, so maybe this problem will be addressed as I continue reading. Now I am going to sit in the garden, drink tea, read some more, and enjoy the English summer while it lasts!
Thanks again for your support. Sue xx
Reply geneius
8:41 AM on July 10, 2017 
[Hello Michael and welcome to my currently reduced site. Thanks for your kind comments. I am hoping to be able to spend some time sorting things out on here soon, when I have decided exactly what to do.
Best wishes. Sue
Reply Sweet Sue
3:41 PM on July 9, 2017 
How's your project going, Sue? Don't lose heart. I hope that you're feeling well and strong. Just writing to let you know that you're not forgotten and as a super Kelly fan, I'll always be grateful to you for the tremendous work you put together.
Reply Sweet Sue
12:41 PM on June 3, 2017 
Hope you doing well and feeling good.
Reply michael mcmahon
5:18 PM on May 19, 2017 
Great site. Thank you.
Reply Sweet Sue
12:55 PM on May 11, 2017 
Have no idea why all my quotation marks were transformed into question marks.
Oh well.
Reply Sweet Sue
12:53 PM on May 11, 2017 
Last night, TCM showed "Cover Girl," and, of course, I loved it.
Gene was not only brilliant but just as beautiful as Rita Hayworth in techicolor!
Unfortunately, I made the mistake of listening to Ben ?Mank?s ? recap. I don?t know what about Kelly gets his hackles up but Ben tossed off the ?fact? that Stanley Donen was Gene Kelly?s partner on Broadway!!
As we all know, Stanley Donen was a chorus boy in ?Pal Joey,? the musical that made leading man, Kelly, a star.
Donen was subsequently cast-again-as a chorus boy in ?Best Foot Forward? choreographed by Kelly and directed by George Abbott.
Abbott fired Donen but Kelly asked him to stay and assist him.
Some partner!
No doubt that Donen, eventually, became a fine film director but, no less a personage than Saul Chaplin wrote and I quote, ?Stanley Donen, who had been a chorus boy in New York, owes his entire career as a director to Gene.?
Sorry, I couldn?t find another place to register my protest.