Gene Kelly, Creative Genius

A personal celebration of his life and work


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Reply Sweet Sue
12:41 PM on June 3, 2017 
Hope you doing well and feeling good.
Reply michael mcmahon
5:18 PM on May 19, 2017 
Great site. Thank you.
Reply Sweet Sue
12:55 PM on May 11, 2017 
Have no idea why all my quotation marks were transformed into question marks.
Oh well.
Reply Sweet Sue
12:53 PM on May 11, 2017 
Last night, TCM showed "Cover Girl," and, of course, I loved it.
Gene was not only brilliant but just as beautiful as Rita Hayworth in techicolor!
Unfortunately, I made the mistake of listening to Ben ?Mank?s ? recap. I don?t know what about Kelly gets his hackles up but Ben tossed off the ?fact? that Stanley Donen was Gene Kelly?s partner on Broadway!!
As we all know, Stanley Donen was a chorus boy in ?Pal Joey,? the musical that made leading man, Kelly, a star.
Donen was subsequently cast-again-as a chorus boy in ?Best Foot Forward? choreographed by Kelly and directed by George Abbott.
Abbott fired Donen but Kelly asked him to stay and assist him.
Some partner!
No doubt that Donen, eventually, became a fine film director but, no less a personage than Saul Chaplin wrote and I quote, ?Stanley Donen, who had been a chorus boy in New York, owes his entire career as a director to Gene.?
Sorry, I couldn?t find another place to register my protest.
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Reply geneius
12:47 PM on May 5, 2017 
Hi Sweet Sue
Thank you so much for your kind words, they are much appreciated and make everything worthwhile. so far as I can gather, Jeanne was a pupil of Gene's when he ran the dance studio in Pittsburgh. She later decided to try her luck in Hollywood and Gene invited her to stay with hime and Betsy until she established herself out there. She was much loved by lots of people involved in the musicals, making herself useful to anyone who needed her, including the female stars, but keeping very much in the background. I'm not sure who was first but they worked together as Gene's assistants on some of his greatest movies. I agree that it would be good to know more about her but I think maybe she was content just to look after Gene and make a good home for him while still doing a job she loved. I know that's not 'PC' nowadays but if she was happy I don't have a problem with that!
I have to apologise to everyone but I have had to make most of the site 'invisible' to all but myself for a while. It was the only 'instant' way I could think of to stop the threat of impossibly expensive legal action by the lawyers. I will endeavour to get each page back online when I have complied with their demands. But it will take a while owing to my medical condition. I am really sorry and hope you understand I couldn't risk losing all I own in the world, and more, even for Gene!!
I have not yet got my copy of the book but I do agree with you re Arthur Laurents.
Reply Sweet Sue
8:38 PM on May 4, 2017 
Sue, I hope that your recovery continues to be strong and total.
I wonder if you know, did Jeanne Coyne study with Gene in Pittsburgh or Johnstown, PA?
There seems to be some disagreement about it.
I get so frustrated trying to find information about Jeanne: her birth family, upbringing, Broadway career, etc.
Even Hollywood: some sources say that Carol Haney was a dance assistant to Gene before Jeanne was and some say the reverse.
I know that once she married the man she loved, she became a private person but she didn't take the veil.
It's as if she counts only as Gene Kelly's wife and, even then, think how much more we know about Betsy Blair. Granted the long lived Betsy was nominated for an Academy Award and wrote her memoir, but, still Jeanne deserves more attention, in my opinion
Reply Sweet Sue
10:43 AM on April 26, 2017 
I do wish the sisters had done a little more research before including that ridiculous story about Noel Coward and Gene.
If they had, they would have discovered that Laurents is almost universally considered a dickhead.
Reply Sweet Sue
5:36 PM on April 25, 2017 
I got the book today.
Did you?
Reply Sweet Sue
11:34 AM on April 23, 2017 
Sue, I think I haven't thanked you enough for the work you've done on this site.
So, thank you with all my heart.
You and Gene Kelly came into my life when I was very low and both of you helped me and gave me joy.