Gene Kelly, Creative Genius

A personal celebration of his life and work


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Reply Sweet Sue
10:43 AM on April 26, 2017 
I do wish the sisters had done a little more research before including that ridiculous story about Noel Coward and Gene.
If they had, they would have discovered that Laurents is almost universally considered a dickhead.
Reply Sweet Sue
5:36 PM on April 25, 2017 
I got the book today.
Did you?
Reply Sweet Sue
11:34 AM on April 23, 2017 
Sue, I think I haven't thanked you enough for the work you've done on this site.
So, thank you with all my heart.
You and Gene Kelly came into my life when I was very low and both of you helped me and gave me joy.
Reply Sweet Sue
10:50 AM on April 20, 2017 
Hirschhorn has so many Kelly quotes in his book.
How can you be faulted for referencing those, for example?
Reply Sweet Sue
10:46 AM on April 20, 2017 
I guess we all saw that coming.
Frankly, I'm surprised you flew under the radar for this long.
Someone should start a "Go Fund Me" for you, Kelli Marshall, etc.
I'm very glad to hear that you are doing better and will always be so grateful for your work, Sue.
Reply geneius
2:04 PM on April 19, 2017 
[Hi Sweet Sue. Thanks for your good wishes. I am improving, the chemotherapy is working and I am much more mobile and feeling well. Yes I also wonder how she could be in such close proximity to Gene and not reveal how she felt. Very strong will!
I am afraid I am going to have to tear the heart out of my website, so there will not be nearly as much information as at present. Ms Ward Kelly has sent me a solicitor's letter demanding that I remove every word of Gene's from the site. I cannot physically sit at the computer for long periods in order to comply with this so it will take some time, but several pages will no longer be viable. I am very upset by this as I make no profit, in fact it costs a great deal to keep the website going, and most if not all of the quotes are gathered from other freely available sources, as I have always stated. I thought the whole idea was to promote Gene's life and work for a new generation, but obviously her ideas are different from mine. I apologise to all my members and friends but I cannot afford to fight her, I do not have the resources.
Reply Angelkagem
4:02 PM on April 13, 2017 
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Reply Sweet Sue
12:45 PM on April 6, 2017 
Sue, I hope that you are feeling better and better.
I love your site and marvel at the wealth of information it contains.
The Kelly/Coyne relationship is the one that fascinates me and there's so little-relatively-out there.
How could Jeanne stand being so close to Gene and Betsy to the point of living in their house for two years?
I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Reply CurtisLew
6:19 AM on April 1, 2017 
Reply XRumerTest
3:12 PM on March 29, 2017 
Hello. And Bye.