- The Stone and the Hammer -
                                      a tale of modern sorcerors

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"Cynics are so naive that they entrench themselves in myths about the world and themselves." -S.Zizek, The defense of lost causes.

  Hello there, dear reader, this fan fiction is devoted to the game "Geneforge" created by Jeff  Vogell to whom I dedicate every one of these pages and 77 chapters. 

Before you may plunge yourself into the first Chapter or read the other fragments you can find on the blog pages, I'd like to address a message of gratitude to all the people on the spiderweb forums for their support and to seven amazing people who have made the writing of this fan fiction possible: to my hard working Mother and Father who both told me stories, taught me magic and science, Saida Anni who cannot speak a word of English. I'd like to address my many thanks to that miracle named T.E. Lawrence said of Arabia, to a book sending Amina Adil to whom I "heartly" dedicate this book, I'd like to vigorously thank the politician, philosopher and card bearing Lacanian, Slavoj Zizek and last but not least give my infinite gratitude to two puppet lovers : Jan Svankmajer of Prague, creator of such films as "Something from Alice"(1988), Faust (1994), Don Juan (1969) and to that Peter pan of a dinosaur lover: Ray Harryhaussen.

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