Cyprus - Kyrenia Harbour

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At the end of October 2009 a sizeable group from Gloucester Choral Society and family members went to Northern (Turkish) Cyprus. This is significant in the history of Gloucester Choral Society as the first ever overseas singing tour. Due to the hard work of a small but dedicated committee it was an outstanding success! We are certainly hoping we don't have to wait another 164 years for the next one!


View from the hotel balcony. The car park that launched 1000 tours!


Bougainvillea! View from the hotel balcony.

Castle Castle

Kyrenia (Girne) Castle

This view was photographed from a little bay at the bottom of a car/coach park. Above the water line it was covered with a depressing amount of rubbish. The uncontrolled dumping of rubbish on beaches and beauty spots (in fact, anywhere) sadly seems to be a feature of Northern Cyprus!

3D Stereo pairs

The next two pix are cross-eye stereo pairs. To see these, place your finger in the middle of the picture with the tip of your finger just below the picture so you don't obscure it. Concentrate on the fingertip and move it towards your nose. Although you are focusing on your finger you should notice that the pictures are overlapping in the middle. At a certain point you will see that the centre images are merged so that there are three smaller pictures in a line. Very carefully, without blinking adjust your gaze to the middle picture and gently remove your finger. You should now notice that the picture has depth. In particular you should see that the boat is in front of the rock face. You may need to concentrate as you look around the picture to see the 3D effect between the beach and the sea for instance.

boat left boat right

These stereo pictures also work when you zoom into them. Open each picture in a new window. You can size each window so that it takes up half the screen. Be sure to arrange the two windows, left and right, in the same order as the thumbnails. Stereo viewing won't work if you get them the wrong way round. The eyes are amazingly forgiving of distortions but find a feature in both, like the black rock on the left, and shift one of the windows until the two features are horizontal. Then try viewing it using the method above.

Your browser ie, Internet Explorer or Firefox will probably scale the pictures to fit the windows. A button will appear to view it full size. Escalator bars will then appear. If you move these to view the same area in both pictures then the stereo effect will still work.

For better zoom control it is best to download the full-size pictures and view them side by side with Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, etc.

beach Left beach Right

I took the pair by moving the camera sideways between shots. It is difficult to take them with the ebb and flow of the sea in the same place. Where the brain can't compute I think the dominant eye view takes over.



The seabed is actually a sheet of light rock. Aquatic plants grow on long pieces of wood.


Hairy legs and feet in the cool water. I'm standing on smooth rock.


Would you like to scale this in full armour?

Cyprus Cyprus

A couple of characteristic pleasure boats exiting the harbour along the breakwater. Sabrina II is the sister boat to the larger Sabrina III we shall be taking later in the week.

Kyrenia Harbour

Cyprus Cyprus


Shoal of little silvery fish above the slipway.

Cyprus Cyprus


The Med beyond the breakwater.