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Hi, and a warm welcome to the spotters guide to Lanzarote Airport located in the Canary Islands.


With credit to pilot Javier Fdez. de Bobadilla for permission to use this photo

Latest updates

Passinger figures updated to April 2014.

Visiting Airline guide updated to May

Binter ATR updated May 2014 (includes Canary Fly)..

Hi, first thanks for visiting this website. Hopefully here you will find everything you want to know on spotting locations/ hotels to stay in plus visiting Airline info.

I have also listed the ATR fleets of Binter so you can print off and use as a check list during your visit if required.

There is a good mix of scheduled/charter airlines although the Winter season does tend to provid the more interesting movements. Options for viewing and photography are almost unlimited with the chance to shoot both sides of the approach, plus the end of the runway. The sun is never a problem, just a help.

There is a Mailing list on Yahoo groups for movements of note and bits of news/due's etc. So if you wish to join 'arrecife-spotters' apply via the Yahoo groups website, once a member you can ask questions or just find out more info regarding the airport movements etc.


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