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RGB Weapons

Here is the complete collection (as far as I know) of the Real Ghostbusters role play weapons.

Proton Pack

God this may have been one of my favorite GB toys I played with this thing forever and I still have the same one to this day, though I did loose my cool Styrofoam proton stream.

Ghost Popper

Here is the Ghost Popper the predecessor to the Nerf gun. I lost the "bullets" pretty quick after getting this toy.

Nutrona Blaster

I had this one as a kid it had a shorter proton stream than the Proton Pack, but it was wavy and there was a crank on the side that would turn the stream around to give it a cool effect.

Water Zapper

This was probably on of the cheapest RGB Weapons it was a simple pump water gun. You would pull the front part out, and as you pused it back it would shoot water out.

Ghost Trap

This one was pretty cool, you would stomp your foot on the pedal and it would send air to the trap to open and close, practically identical to the way it works on the show. This is the only weapon from the RGB toyline that worked like it did on the show.

Ghost Trap: A Closer Look

Ecto Goggles and Ecto Popper

Here is the famous ecto goggles, Rays favorite GB gizmo. It also came with the Ecto Popper, it was a simple little thing made out of rubber. You would put in the "Nerf Bullet" and squeez the popper, and pop it would blow out.

Ecto-Charger Pack

Thanks to Brian for sending these pics of the wonderful Ecto Charger 

Ghost Zapper

This item looked very similar to the Ghost Popper, but instead it was a projector like toy that wwould show "Ghosts" on the wall when you would turn it on.

Ghost Spooker

I never had this one, but i guess that it was like a voice changer that would scare those ghost away.

Rapid Fire Ecto Blaster

Here is the Rapid Fire Ecto Blaster, which was very similar to the Ecto Popper except for a "rapid release" system above the barrel of the gun that dropped in a new nerf bullet every time you shot one

Ghost Grab-A-Meter

Here is the Ghost Grab-a-meter i never had this one, but i assume that it is much like the toy claws. Except it had a little gun that would launch darts as well.

Ghost Nabber

Ecto-Headphones & Ecto Blaster

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