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Ecto Glow Copter

Here is the Famous Ecto Glow Copter. I would have been the first vehicle to actually tie in with a figure series. This item was probably the closest to being released. There are actaully rumors that a few made it to store shelves.

You can see the box art here.

Egon's Lab

Well this is the fabled Egon's lab in its three incarnations. It's interesting to see the development of the project.

Egon's Lab Cont.

Recently a Egon's Lab playset prototype went for sale on Ebay. I wish I had the cash but it went for just under a thousand bucks. Thanks to for this info.  This auction gave us some great detailed pics of Egon's lab so here they are.

Here we see the lever that would let the hammer down.

In this pic we see the lever that would raise (levitate) the figure and the hands would pop out of the top.

As you can see in the pic above we get a good shot of the trap door that the hammer would send the ghost into.

Here is the info that was given by the seller,


Toyfair display model of unproduced Ghostbusters Egon's Lab

Egon's Lab was one of the most requested toy concepts, when I was working on the Ghostbusters line at Kenner. It kept getting passed over by management as an introduction to the line (although we designers knew it was what Ghostbuster fans wanted).

Finally, Mike Katauskas, toy guy extraordinaire and possibly the funniest human on the planet, worked up the lab as you see it here. It got through approval meetings, and was even tooled up and shown at toy fair when...the line's sales petered out and no further Ghostbuster development was done. The toy was dropped.

As far as I know, this fully functional "looks like, works like" toy fair model, and Mike's original concept model, are all that exist of the legendary Egon's lab. This is a hand built and painted prototype, with certain parts protomolded, others built from early shots or from scratch. It is hand painted and the labels are hand cut from photo prints and applied as was typical for Kenner pre-production models.

It's a great toy. You can put your GB hero on the exam table and check him out for residual protoplasmic contamination. Suddenly he rises off the table and ghostly hands pop out of the scanner to menace him. You put a ghost on the containment unit, and the hammer-thingy comes down and mashes it to disappears (through a secret trap door).

Reasonable reserve, if you're serious about having this museum-quality bit of Ghostbuster and Kenner history, you can own it.

Backpack Heroes

Here are the Backpack Heroes in all there glory. They are made with the standard mold used in thhe First Series. They had a big proton pack that had a ghost that poped out of the top.

Ghostbusters Firetruck

Here is the Ghostbusters fre truck. A cool vehicle that would have fit nicely with the Firehouse. It had a claw in the back  that would pick up the ghost and put it into a containment unit in the back.

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