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Ghostbusters Production

Whenever a toyline is made, it is a long process to get to the finished product. This is what i like to call the production phase, from the drawing board to the toy shelves. I want to thank Justis of Bathalon from and Lanny White aka "Ectofiend" for the great pictures.

RGB Unproduced Vehicles

Here is a great drawing of some unproduced  RGB vehicles.  You can tell that this concept was one of the earlier concepts in the RGB toyline. Thier uniforms followed the movie, and the RGB promo. Instead of the different color uniforms on the RGB series.

 Is it just me or were these vehicles packing some heavy artillery.

Protoype Slimer Puppet

Here is a proto slimer puppet as you can see it has no eyes, and is mainly a fabric test. Thus the striking brown, and not the green.

Prototype Ecto Charger

I would have like to see the gun along with the pack here. Aside from the oddly placed sticker from the proton pack, and color scheme. It looks really cool

Test Frankenstien

Here is a test figure for Frankenstein made to test the functions of the figure.

Screaming Heroes Concept Drawings

These are concept drawings for the Screaming Heroes series. They ended up a lot like the drawings, except for Janine. She didnt turn out that good.

Is it just me or does Janine look like she is being violated

 If you didnt notice the suits left to right are Egon's, Peter's, and Ray's.

Laser Gun Artwork

Here is the Artwork for the never released Laser Gun. I wish they made this one, it would have been pretty sweet back in the day.

Slimer Gooper Ghost

Here is the origional Artwork for Slimers Gooper Ghost

Ray head sculpt.

This is a wax sculpt of the First Series Ray. This is from the orgional (c)1984 sculpt.

Ecto 1 original artwork

Here is the origional artwork for the Ecto 1

Ghost Zapper concept artwork

This is concept artwork for the RGB Ghost Zaper. Was this an early concept for the Water Zapper, or was it an early concept for the Slimed Heroes? I will let you decide.

Stay Puft Original Artwork

Here is the original artwork for the Stay Puft action figure.

Ghost Trap concept artwork.

Here is some artwork for a concept ghost trap. It seemed a little to complicated for me.

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