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Misc Section

During the time of The Real Ghostbusters TV run there was a lot of miscellaneous merch that was available, and i mean a lot. So here is a collection of some misc Ghostbusters stuff for you to enjoy.

Now  I know there is like a billion things out there, so if you have a pic of something that isnt shown here, send it to us at

GB Playdoh Set

This was a pretty cool item, anything with an Ecto 1 with it was cool to me whne i was young. If you notice the Ecto 1 art is very similar to the art on the Kenner Ecto 1 toy.

GB Windsock

Yep thats right, its the wonderful Ghostbusters windsock

RGB Electronic Pinball

This looks kind of cool, but i was never really into the "tiger" handheld games back then.

RGB Puzzle

Thats right folks the amazing RGB Puzzle, woo hoo.

No Ghost Logo FM Radio

You know you look hip with this cool RGB FM Radio.

RGB Book, Folder Thingy

I guess this was like a trapper keeper, but soft.

RGB Sun Blocker

You know those cardboard fan looking things that went in your car window, well thats what this is.

RGB Viewmaster

I know you know what a viewmaster is, well here is the RGB Version.

RGB Ceiling Fan

Here is a killer ceiling fan, now I'm a big GB fan, but i don't think i would add this one to my own home. Thanks to Jason for sending in these pics.

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