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Mattel Toyline

         In 2009 announced they would make one of the largest figure lines dedicated to Ghostbusters. Scheduled for a release in the Fall of 2009. The line would feature a series of 12inch figures based on the movie characters, and a 6inch line dedicated to the movie characters and Retro Action "Mego" style The Real Ghostbusters. 

This is shaping to be the biggest thing to happen in Ghostbusters Action figures since Kenner's RGB line. This page will feature exclusive first looks from the New York Comic Con, and the San Diego Comic Con. Any other pics released by Mattel will be placed here. Once the line is officially released we will archive and document this soon to be amazing Ghostbusters Figure line.

First Look and Review of Mattel's Egon Spengler

   I went to this years San Diego Comic-Con and got my hands on's first Ghostbusters Classic, Egon Spengler. It is a great figure and a must have for any Ghostbuster fan. They are still availible as I write this, but I don't expect them to last for long. I made a video of my thoughts showcasing the figure below.

Upcoming SDCC 08 Release

   At this years San Diego Comic Con will release a special edition of the upcoming Ghostbusters classics line. Here is the official statement:

GHOSTBUSTERS™ Classics Dr. Egon Spengler with Slimer

Who ya gunna call for all your Ghostbusters™ action figure needs? Mattel, that’s who! Presenting the first in a line of highly detailed, fully articulated figures of the one and only Ghostbusters™. The first figure in the line, Dr. Egon Spengler, comes complete with Proton Pack and gun as well as a pack-in Slimer figure available no where else. Start your Ghostbusters™ Classics collection today! New figures will be available each month only on!

NYCC 2009 First Look

     At the 2009 New York Comic Con we got a first look at Mattel's Ghostbusters line. Just days after the official press release that was going to release a new action figure line based on the Ghostbusters movie and The Real Ghostbusters. They displayed one complete 12inch Ray Stantz. 3 large scale models of the 6inch line, and 2 prototypes from the 6inch line. The figures looked great, the detail was stunning. Look at those proton packs!

Even though this was just a taste of things to come, it already had me really excited for this figure line. Something ghostheads have been asking for decades. Figures actually based on the movie!

Here you can see the 6inch prototypes of Egon and Slimer next to their large scale counterparts

The large models show the great articulation and detail, far more than NECA would have done.

It looks like the 12incher's Proton Pack is removable. I wonder if the 6incher's will be as well?

Close up pic of the Prototype 6inch Egon

Here you can see that the 6inch Slimer is in Scale with Egon which is awesome!



Credit for these pics goes to rchapoteau,
rudie! aka 1 from the oddcast podcast, Rob Blatt, and Dwof. Big thanks to them for helping me out since I couldn't Be there. I will be at the San Diego Comic Con (for my podcast) and will have tons from there. Please do not use these without permission.

All original content © 2012 by Jay Glatfelter All Rights Reserved.

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