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Jocsa RGB Toyline


In Argentina, the company Jocsa got the license from Kenner to produce their own line of RGB toys. Most people consider these to be knock offs, but in fact they are licensed toys. They used the same molds, and most of the same artwork. The man reason people feel they are knock offs/bootlegs is the fact that they had sub par paint apps, and the overall series had a very "cheap" look compared to the Kenner RGB'S

In the sections below are examples from the entire Jocsa RGB Toyline. It pretty much followed Kenner's lead, but there are a few unique additions to The Real Ghostbusters toy universe.


First Series

If you notice their first series Ray has the head mold from Kenner's Screaming Heroes Ray.

A bonus 4 pack that gave you the first series figs, some GB2 pins, and the ghosts from the Ecto Popper's Ghosts. It doesnt look like any proton packs or weapons were included.

Fright Features

Here is another 4 pack but this time featuring Jocsa's Fright Features line. Notice that the Peter Venkman is actually a First Series mold. Featuring the color scheme from Venkman's Fright Features suit. This set also includes the GB2 pins, Popper Ghosts, and what appears to be Egon's weapon and ghost from his Fright Feature molds.

Screaming Heroes

Slimed Heroes Variant

This series seemed to be reverse to what Kenner's slimmed heroes were. Instead of the ghosts squirting the GB's. The GB's would squirt the ghosts and they would change color. The suit color scheme mimicked the Fright Features Line. They had the standard Proton Pack mold but with an added water squirting device.


First Series Ghosts

Hollywood Monsters


Ecto 1A

This is a really unique and rare Ecto 1A by Josca. It features the same Ecto 1 mold, but has working lights and sounds. You can also notice the slightly different sticker sheet and the lights are painted different colors. This is a pretty cool and unique variant of the Ecto 1A. 

Ecto 2

Ecto 3

Ecto Bomber

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