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The Real Ghostbusters Commercials

Here is a collection from Youtube of The Real Ghostbusters toy commercials by Kenner. While they are cheesy its great to see the commercials of our youth again. I am presenting these in chronological order. Some feature the action figure line, or the role play weapon line.

Feat. First Series Heroes, Bad to the Bone, and Gooper Ghost

Feat. Proton Pack, and Ghost Popper

Feat. Firehouse, Fright Features, Haunted Humans

Feat. Fright Features, Ecto 2, Granny Gross

Feat. Fright Features, Highway Haunter, Haunted Vehicles, Pull Speed Ahead

Feat. Ghost Trap, Neutrona Blaster, Ecto Goggles/Ecto Popper

Feat. Water Zapper, Ecto Goggles/Ecto Popper, Neutrona Blaster

Feat. Screaming Heroes, Hollywood Monsters

Feat. Slimed Heroes, Ecto Bomber, Gobblin' Goblins

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