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Small Spaces

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If you have a room that feels small and cramped, paint the ceiling a lighter color to create the illusion of height.

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When designing a small room, carefully place furniture to give a balanced look.

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To add softness, place tables and chairs at an angle.

Show host Sherry Ruggieri says with a little creativity and planning, any small space can look stylish and functional by using a few design basics:

  • Use color to open up your space.
  • Create a focal point.
  • Scale the furniture to the room.
  • Stay organized and uncluttered.

Use Color to Open Up Your Space

Color is the fastest and most dramatic design element. The color of paint, wallpaper , fabric or furniture can change the atmosphere of any room. Good use of color affects the space visually and fools the eye in making the space seem larger. Pastels or light colors, with a lot of white, reflect light drawing the eyes upward and make the room seem taller. Dark tones like green and red tend to draw the eyes down and make the room appear smaller.

Create a Focal Point

A focal point gives a small room a center that will distract from the size of the room. A painting above a sofa for instance, serves as a focal point because your eyes are immediately drawn to it as you walk into the room.

Scale Your Furniture to the Room

Most rooms are designed around a particular piece of furniture. Generally, in a living room, other furniture will be set according to the placement of the sofa. Smaller pieces such as chairs and tables would be added to give the room balance.

Stay Organized

To avoid a cluttered feel in a room look closely at how furniture is arranged. Add softness to a room by placing chairs or tables at angles to prevent the usual "box " look. Another way to make a small space work is to have furniture that serves dual purposes. For example, a window seat (usually used for seating) can be used to display items.


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