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Want to have active participation and involvement in GA Tower building management?

How about grievances with your next door neighbors?

Bothered with the freaking billboard blocking the natural light and ventillation?

Its time to be heard...Join the GA Tower Unit Owners/Tenants Association!


Click on the Sign Up for Association link.  You can also register for your fellow unit owners/tenants who do not have internet access but is interested in being part of the Association.

GA TWIN TOWERS is the premier project of Globe Asiatique Realty Holdings Corporation. The elegant twin towers project is located right in the heart of EDSA, Mandaluyong City.

Welcome to the GA Twin Tower Online Community.

This unofficial site is a community resource center for GA Twin Tower unit owners, tenants and guests.

Feel free to participate in our polls and discussions. 


GA Twin Towers is another quality project of Globe Asiatique Realty Holdings Corportion.  For more information, visit their website at

  Upcoming high-rise developments include GA Sky Suites and GA Stacks.            





What is GA Building Admin doing to address the Noise Pollution concerns?

Unit owners, tenants and guests are encouraged to support Stop Noise Abuse movement along EDSA.

The Professional Tower Building Admin, just a few blocks away from GA Towers, have initiated the move to fight Noise Pollution.  How about GA Tower Admin's plans to make their EDSA developments more livable? 

The noise pollution issue is not confined to GA Tower 1 unit owners, tenants and guests considering Tower 2 is on its way to completion and Sky Suites is on its marketing/pre-selling stage, we are sure that prospective buyers will have the same thing in mind. 

GA Tower Admin...Act now!







Decorating Tricks to Make a Small Space Look Larger

From Coral Nafie,
Your Guide to
Interior Decorating

Make Choices for More Room

Some people live in a small apartment because that's all they can afford, and they're grateful for it.

Some people live in a small apartment or home because they're tired of taking care of a larger place and want to "downsize."

Others just don't want a large home. Small is beautiful! And easy, and practical, too!

But no matter what your reason for living in a small space, you'll undoubtedly have to make some compromises in your decorating, get really organized, and make some adjustments to your lifestyle in order to make everything fit and not feel cramped.

If you're looking for a cozy, intimate space, you're in luck. By using soft, snuggly upholstered pieces, dark, warm tones, and dramatic lighting, your tiny corner can become a wonderful private space.

But if you really feel the need to stretch out in your small space, you can make some decorating changes to make the area look and feel larger without moving any walls! With color, furniture arranging, and interesting lighting, your space won't feel so cramped.

See if some of our tips will work for your small space.

  • Clear Out the Clutter

    There's nothing that makes a small space feel cramped more than having too much stuff. Work out ways to get collections out of view, organized behind doors, table skirts, or on shelves. With things neatly arranged and out of sight, the space that is in view will feel orderly and open.

  • Open the Way

    With furniture and accessories blocking the view into a room and out to open spaces, a room will look cramped. By moving furniture out and away from walkways, you'll open up the space and make it feel larger. You can also choose short pieces of furniture like an ottoman, an armless, open chair, or a low table, and place large, tall pieces along a wall rather than out in the open space. If you can see the floor, the room will look larger.

  • Chooser Soft, Light Hues

    Whereas dark, warm colors make a space feel cozy and intimate, light, cool colors make a space feel open and airy. For optimum effect, select soft tones of blues and greens.

  • Use a Monochromatic Color Scheme

    Choose colors that are in the same color family and use tone-on-tone woven upholstery fabrics, textured wall finishes, delicate tonal drapery fabrics. Cool colors and delicate warm colors on most surfaces give the room a more open look.

  • Coordinate Wall and Furniture Colors

    Contrasting colors tend to break up a space. Pieces of furniture are less interrupting and tend to blend with the space if they're colored to match the wall color.

  • Let in the Light

    Any room will look larger if it's well-lit, either by natural light or artificial lighting. Get rid of heavy draperies and open up the windows to let the light of the outdoors into the space. Add more lamps or install track lighting or recessed lighting.




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