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The Home page you will Find Info On FREE RADIO NETWORK on How It Works, News Feed From my Twitter Page, And Events Page For Radio Related Eyeball DX Nets Ect...!! 

Info on the Chesterfield Gateways. is in the Gateways page Click on the Link Side of Home in the Links Bar..

This includes PMR446 Radio Stats. and other Pages Like Photos Ect. Some Pages are For Website Members to Gain Access to you can Sign up by using you Facebook Account or WEBS Account if you have one..  

Hope you enjoy this website. Later this year i will add another List of Active PMR446 Users Within A 4 Mile Radius of Chesterfield..

If you have a facebook account we have a Chesterfield PMR446 Groups Page. With Lots of Activity Vid`s Posts Pic ect.... 

Please do not abuse this system

You MUST leave gaps between over's to allow others to join in.

NO music, swearing or racist comments.

Just use common sense and think of the others listening on the system

"including children that may be in ear shot".


Warning The Chesterfield Gateway 01 now runs XMIT_ID software in the background!

If you are getting problems and want to download the XMIT_ID software, get it : HERE

XMIT_ID allows me to record and catalogue the unique "fingerprint" that is part of every FM radio's transmission. This can be used for transmitter identification.

This software is a very helpfully tool if you are getting users of a gateway, link or repeater system mucking about by dead keying or playing music ETC. The software builds up a database of "radio discriminator fingerprints" that are time and date stamped. No 2 radios have the same discriminator audio finger print even if the same make and model. So as you can see the software is a invaluable tool to identify who is causing the problems and hopefully help convict the person "if needed". To use this software you may need to modify your RX radio so that you can take the audio out before the discriminator, Some radios already have this type of output. You CANNOT use the normal audio from the EXT speaker output. Here are some uses for this software.

  • To find stolen transmitters.

  • To help locate transmitter spurs.

  • Identify IDIOTS mucking around on a Gateway.

DisRegard if you are in THE PUB NET * No Rules

Sometimes Heard on FRN -:

Q Code

QRM - Interference

QRN - Static

QRT - Going Back to Standby Mode ` Monitoring

QSK - Can you Hear me Between Signal`s

QSL - Acknowedgement / Ok

QSO - In Communication With....

QTH - My / Your Location

XYL - The Wife.

10 Code

10-01 - Signal or Station Not Good

10-04 - Acknowlagement / Ok

10-05 - Relay My Message

10-10 - Goodbye

10-20 - Your / my Location - QTH

10-100 - Toilet Break

73`s Good Bye

Going Clear - Leaving Frequency / Turning Off

Its easy to make contact via the gateway, if you are new to the system or radio just sit back Listen and you will pick it up in no time, One thing to remember this is not Amatuer Radio Or 11mts. Keep your call Simple ie-:

"CQ This is Mic 1 Listening for Any Contacts From Chesterfield Central United Kingdom"

D.T.M.F Net Change,

Most of the gateways have DTMF Decode on them, This lets you change Rooms or Nets on FRN By Keying in a Number followed by the Hash Key, DTMF Is Used by Radio Hams to Dial Node Numbers to connect to Repeaters, so PMR446 Radios do not have DTMF.. But if you have a DTMF Dialer or a Radio ( Ham Radio ) With DTMF Keypad or Mic, then you can use it. The DTMF Tones will sound like some one dialing a phone number in to there radio, Before you Dial Please ID yourself first ie-:" Mic 1 DTMF Net change in to Private 1"

Main list Follows:-

2# - Private 1

3# - Private 2

4# - Private 3

5# English ( Main Net )

7# The Pub Net ( Friday Nights )

There are 31 Net`s in all to Choose From..

FFSK - Fast Frequency Shift Keying, ( FRN Txt  ) 

You will hear a strange noise coming over your radio this is FFSK or TXT this is nothing to worry about, this is a message system where people can send photos and talk to each other when there is active QSO`s , Depending how many txt`s or photos have been sent FFSK Can last 10mins before you can access the gateway..


This means that the gateway has been muted by the server admins Due to Noise. Or Your last transmittion was not received by the gateway your signal maybe too low,

Gateway Drop Outs & Over modulation..!!

From time to time the Gateway will Drop out on Receving Qso. This is due to Broadband Connections and Bandwith Not everyone is on Super fast Fiber optic broadband. And not all Gateways or PC Users Set ups are the same, Some people have there mic setting too low or too high,

Join us on FREE RADIO NETWORK on your PC. Download enter your details and join -

Video streaming by Ustream

Information on Free Radio Network

Gateways, connected to the FRN Network, give a bigger range to portable/mobile radios. These gateways are situated on different locations. Everything that is received by one gateway is send to other gateways over the internet. The other gateways retransmit the received signal. The gateways use the FRN Client Software and are connected to a FRN server. A group of connected gateways is a net. Different nets can be active on one server. Everybody within the range of a gateway can communicate with other people in another country or city, just by selecting the correct channel and CTCSS. CTCSS 20 is the most used tone code. You can talk on your PMR446 Or CB27 Radio to somebody that`s 9.000 miles away there using a mobile phone via Zello App or There on a Radio.

With the program FRN Client, a portable/mobile radio and some electronics you can set up a gateway yourself. You can also use the program with your PC-microphone to talk with other users on the network, without the need of a transmitter.

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