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M17A1 Resuscitation Tube

This tube fits onto the US M17A1 Field Protective Mask, it allows the wearer to perform CPR without removing their mask. Quite a rare item especially in unissued condition.

Price: £20.00 UNISSUED (excluding postage and packing)

Price £15.00 USED (excluding postage and packing)


S10 Respirator Spares - Used but in good condition

Correctional insert (only one) - £2.00 (excluding postage and packing)

Drinking tube - £2.00 (excluding postage and packing)

(Head harness) - £5.00 (excluding postage and packing)

Oral-nasal mask - £5.00 (excluding postage and packing)


User guides for the Post War re-issued British Mk.1 Light Anti Gas Respirators - New old stock

Rare user guides that were issued along with the Mk.1 Light Anti Gas Respirators that were used in Denmark following the Second World War, in unissued condition. Plenty of information and illustrations in these interesting little booklets, a must for anyone wanting to complete their set. 

Currently 11 available.

Price: £6.00 (excluding postage and packing)



First World War British Respirators, for example SBR's, PH/PHG Hoods, Flannel Type Respirators etc.

Inter War British Respirators, for example MkIII's

Second World War British Experimental Respirators (both military and civilian)

Second World War British MkIV and MkV Respirators with side mounted filter modification

Second World War Britsh MkIV and MkV Respirators with non standard filters

Second World War British MkV fitted with early microphone

Second World War Australian Light Anti Gas Respirator

Post War and Modern Experimental British Respirators (both military and civilian)