Gary Hammond Creative Percussion


I have lived in Hull since 1996, originally coming from London. I moved to Hull after joining The Beautiful South as their percussionist.I joined the band when they released Blue is the Colour but my first CD was Quench and I went on to record several album's and singles and made many TV appearances. I have always been a musician and started to work in education when I became a member of education outreach departments linked to Dance companies. I worked with London Contemporary Dance Theatre, Rambert Dance and English National Ballet. It was through my work with these organisations that I began to work in schools. When I came to Hull I began to work with Creative Partnerships and have continued to work with them until their demise in 2011. My work takes me all over, most of my schools are based in Yorkshire, North East Lincs,North Lincs and Lincolnshire. I am also an Artist's Associaton member of the Firebird Trust which is a community music organisation based in the East Midlands. I have also been lucky to have worked for many different TV shows including, French and Saunders, The Comic Strip, Lenny Henry show, Monarch of the Glen and London's Burning.

After the band split I continued to record and tour with Dave Rotheray from The Beautiful South and we have so far recorded four CD's. I have recently recorded on Paul Heaton and Jackie Abbot's latest album. I met Sam Pirt on an education project and we began to jam together which eventually culminated in us forming The Hut People, a folk/world music duo. Sam and I have also worked together on NHS projects in Hull specifically with Dementia. We have more projects starting with the NHS and we continue to gig all around the country inc Europe and the States as well. Our website is