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Welcome: to the website of The real home of Prophet Dogs ... We are a small specialized in producing the maximum of the highest quality breeding APBT. Spend a lot of time to acquire some large animals, as well as to compete in any sport. I started in the year 2004 raising APBT. I had the privilege of owning some world-class, one of whom was the son of the legendary The Negro x Lady Simba, also had a daughter of the Black x Nicky Girl, not long after I decided it was time to show the world that I had gotten at work, and was impressed with the result of them, in their school they showed great things to be at any level of competition tested. This was the beginning of the dogs "Prophet Dogs" in Mexico. Somo members Dog Registry sporting ... And now we know what we would raise is something best APBT. For today in the world. We are working to create and bring our copies at best, try this is always a constant force in everything we produce. The work, dedication, perseverance are some of our main reasons in the pursuit of success for our Kennels work with the blood of Chinaman / Frisco- The Negro, dare Garner's The Prophet, our main stallion, as a basis of our breeding Garner's Caroline, Garner's Lady Spike, among other notable dogs blood Jeep / RedBoy-Little Gator, who have proven to be true producers in recent times. Our goal is to go as breeders constantly updated and learning. At this point we want to thank those who have believed in our animals and our work. And especially to our families for the time devoted to us and our dogs, we are aware of their contribution to our upbringing day to carry out what already mentioned in the sport both nationally and Latin America. Now she is working with Apocalipto Kennels together. A great person, as a friend, as a breeder, a very honest man, very select in their animals working dogs yellew / yocko, RedBoy, and some The real home of Prophet Dogs ....


                                                                            Thank you.






Here you will find the tightest blood Jeep / Honeybunch that come to Mexico in the last decade. 

            Red Boy Tuffy              Red Girl Ruby 




This female is a daughter of howe's redneck 1x is an exceptional and 43.75% ch crenshaw's jeep[4xw]rom 

19 times HoneyBunch






Garner's EL Negro

The litter of " The Prophet x Lady Spike" is basically a cross " Eli / Snooty " that has been doing for many years and endures the test of time, also could be called crossing " Chinaman x Spike" if we talk about more recent dogs .