Better than Nothing.



IT'S BACK!  I retired my Signal Hound SA44b + TG44 combo a while ago after experiencing many crashes and unreliable readings. The problem seemed to centre mainly on the tracking generator software which seemed to be infested by Beelzebub himself.
So after another day of many crashes, I gave in and packed it all away under the bench, a broken man.  
I kept up to date with developments and after a while the word came that some new software was under development and would be available 'soon'. Well, 'soon' came and went without any software, but to everyone's surprise it appeared 'later'. And boy what a difference.
It's called 'SPIKE' and it works like never before. It became obvious that the team had put a huge amount of work into getting it right. Even the first version (3.0.01) was almost bug-free, faster, easier to use and completely stable. Users' suggestions and queries are listened to and acted upon, and version 3.0.12 is really polished.


Below is the Analyser. It covers from 1 Hz to over 4 GHz and has Resolution Bandwidths down to sub-Hertz level. Picture pinched from Signal Hound's website.




 And here is the Tracking Generator. A source of frustration and hair-tearing with the original software, it now works flawlessly with SPIKE



Filled with renewed enthusiasm, I've built both units into this instrument case (below) and fitted 'sacrificial' SMA connectors to take the strain off the ones on the units. 





Here's a sample plot of the Topband filter I built for one of my SDRs.(below) 




 The Signal Hound is now so rock solid and the ergonomics so much improved that I use it rather than my Rigol analyser, which is now sitting on the shelf. I may flog it. You can find Signal Hound at https://signalhound.com/