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Reply Salvatore i2ils
4:11 PM on April 25, 2017 
Hello G1HBE, excuse me for my very bad english. I read on Internet your message in which you said to have find a user manual about EB 150 on internet. Some time ago I bought an EB 150 but I have not any manual. Can you please help me giving where I can download the manual ? Many thanks. 73

I2ILS Salvatore - Milano -Italy my email [email protected]
Reply g1hbe
7:45 AM on January 13, 2017 
Andy. Thanks so much for getting in touch, it sounds like we have an awful lot in common. These pages have been up for about ten years now and were very popular for a while, but I'm getting roughly one signature every six months now. This, coupled with a number of data-loss incidents (photos disappearing etc) has made me stop updating the site any further and let it go to seed. It'll probably disappear when the hosting company don't get my next payment (sometime this summer). I certainly remember Radio Floss! I'll copy this and e-mail it to you just in case you can't reach the site again. Andy.
Reply Andy Richards
5:21 AM on January 13, 2017 
I have very much enjoyed reading your pages.I too started out as a back bedroom MW pirate,I too was raided in 1973,I too had a Trio 9R59DS,I too went on to proper Pirate radio with Celebration Radio and then Radio Floss.
I hope you don't take these pages down as I think many people will find them interesting and I would certainly come back and read them again.Great stuff!
Reply Bill
4:33 PM on December 3, 2016 
Oooops! I forgot. Here's my callsign.
Bill, G4GHB.
Reply Bill
4:31 PM on December 3, 2016 
Hi Andy,

It;s been a long time since we had a QSO, 4 Metres last time perhaps.
I was looking at stuff for 472 kHz and somehow found myself here.
Just wanted to say I remember hearing Aquarius and Andromeda but it wasn't my kind of music. I had intended to comment before and never got round to it.
I see Frank fairly regularly as we go to rallies quite often and have put on a few radio demo. stations over the years.
I've just got a 19 Set working after many hours of attention and repairs, drifting a bit but managed a QSO to Nottingham on 40m. and into Coventry on 60m. where it seemed more stable.
The main rig is in bits as I want more filters to get 60 metres on, and 6 and 4 metres as these MOSFET's work up there and it seems happy. Also trying for a very broadband P.A., H.F. to V.H.F. but there seems to be no information. So I might be blow a few MOSFET'a and give up. Or I might manage it.

73, Bill.
Reply snowy g0hze
2:18 PM on October 12, 2016 
Thanks for the info on the ts780, I have 1 that will not TX on either band, hopefully your info will help me sort it, cheers, 73 de Snowy
Reply Chris Newman
9:55 PM on October 11, 2016 
Enjoyed reading about your 780 project. I have one of my own that I am nursing along. Great little radio. Curious what ever came of it? I happen to be in need of some spare parts. If you still have it and would be interested in selling some parts or maybe the whole radio I may be interested. Drop me a line. KE8EMY
Reply g1hbe
5:17 AM on September 26, 2016 
Hi Martyn
Yes, they do give problems! My previous generator was the Marconi 2022e and although it gave no trouble, they do have quite a reputation for duff displays, intermittent keypads, failed internal amplifiers and inoperative ref osc. Then I got a 2024 which was fine until a few months ago when it suddenly started outputting 6dB too much signal. As I'd had a little trouble with the output attenuator earlier I assumed it was the same thing again, but it proved far more difficult to diagnose. A friend with a similar model has also had problems.
I now have a Hewlett Packard 8648b and although it hasn't quite the performance level of the Marconi 2024, it should prove more reliable. Chances are you'll be OK with a Marconi, but you never can tell!
Reply martyn soliman
4:49 AM on September 26, 2016 
good website with lots of info.The marconi signal generators.,do they ever give any problems ? i have a opportunity to buy one
Reply Owen Gallagher
8:17 AM on December 26, 2015 
Interesting stuff, I think you have made my mind up
for me about a Wellbrook :)
Cheers, Owen 2E0GPO