Better than Nothing.


Please note. I'll be removing these web pages in the near future. It's been great fun sharing my projects over the years. Thanks to everyone who has left messages on the visitors' page.



My name is Andy and this is the G1HBE homepage. My station is located at my home in Dukinfield, Cheshire, in the foothills of the Pennines at about 450ft ASL. VHF/UHF take-off from here is good from NNW around through West and down to the SSW, but every other direction is screened by hills.

My locator is IO83XL and my NGR is SJ954976.

I am currently active on FM & SSB on 4m, FM & SSB on 23cm and AM and SSB on 160.

On these pages you will find details of my activities and equipment, and my antennas which spend their time rotting in the breeze. You can also read about my involvement with Radio Aquarius, Manchester's most famous pirate station in the 1970's.

I hope you will find the time to leave a message in my guestbook.


This is the radio desk in my shack, shortly after a clear-out and re-decorating session.  Since this picture was taken, almost everything has been replaced! The 910x has been flogged and an old TS780 added (suitably modified for 4m operation).













This is my fiddling and twiddling bench where I break things. On the left is a cheap and cheerful Thurlby 1.3GHz counter, supported by a Tektronics 2445 'scope. At the back are my tools and solder etc and on the right is a (whisper it) Maplin audio generator. That Marconi 2022e RF generator has been replaced with a 2024, 9KHz to 2.4GHz.  That bin underneath still hasn't been emptied....










I've recently changed my antenna setup again. I've decided to concentrate on 23cm and 4m for a while, just for a change really.  Below is a rather moody shot of the new setup. On the left is the Wellbrook loop for MF/HF listening, and next to it is the half-wave vertical for 4m FM. Then comes the main mast with the slant polarised 23cm Yagi at the top, the vertical yagi for 450 MHz (scanning duties) and the horizontal Yagi for 4m at the bottom.