Enjoy the Show!



This is how the MiniCine Toy Film

Projector was displayed in

the shop window or on the

counter and it did what it says...

"It sold itself!"










The MiniCine


Toy Film Projector


Arguably "The Best Toy Film

Projector Ever Made".

The MiniCine was sold in Britain

 By Martin Lucas Ltd.,

1 Ramsden Road, Balham, London,

 S.W. 12

and at Glebe Mills, Hollinwood,

Oldham, Lancashire.


 It was introduced in 1948. And seems

 to have disappeared about 1958.

It was advertised in various

publications, from the Film User

Handbook to the Eagle Comic.

There were three main models

  The Standard ( Black crackle finish,

 with the batteries in the base ).

 The Super Silver had no battery


And then there was a Red one

this one was the same as the

 Silver and Black models, All three

could work off the small

transformer that was available

at that time.240 volts input

6 volts output. and they

pluged into any light socket.


Then in the Fifties came three

smaller models, a Silver MiniCine,

 this model just had milled metal

controls and a MiniCine

transfer just under the lens.

Then came a Red Disneyland model

 and also a Green Disneyland model

these two models had handle type

controls painted white. and they

also had a Mickey Mouse transfer

on the front just under the lens.


And not long after that came a

small black MiniCine bakealite

model and differently - shaped,

 and had "EAGLE"

in the molding just above the lens

and these controls are white.

This model could be worked

from a 6 Volt battery or

a transformer.


The magic of the MiniCine was

that it could give a five 

minute movie show with just

one foot of 35 mm film.

It achieved this with an

ingenious mechanism that moved

the filmstrip up and down

intermittently, stopping

it in four positions. There were

four rows of pictures on the

strip (animated cartoon

drawings), and the sequence was

designed to give a repeat cyclic

motion. (Drawings 1,2,3,4,3,2,

1,2,3,4,3,2,1 etc).At the same

time that the strip was moving

up and down, it was also being

moved gradually along, so now

parts of the strip came into

view (a sort of motion picture



All the strip drawings, even

those based on Disney licensed

characters, were specially drawn

for the system. The result was

rather wonderful.


A particularly effective sequence

is Bambi's escape from the

forest fire. Not all strips were

"movie". some were sequences

 of still pictures

(including educatioal subjects).


Loading the filmstrip can be a

bit tricky. Sometimes you

need to push down on the

advance - knob while turning

it round. Persever -

and the result is great fun!





This is a slide film

and below is a movie

film in more detail


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