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My name is Dameita. I was staying at the Rising Hope homeless shelter in Alexandria, VA. While I was there I was looking for a job. When I ran out of money to catch the bus, and couldnít get any more tokens, I remembered I had a brochure from FWTG Ministries, Inc. I wasnít sure if this organization could help me, but I called them anyway. Min. L.T. Carson answered the phone. After we talked for a while and after I answered a few questions, she said FWTG Ministries could help me. They didnít just help me with funds but they prayed for me. I felt so much better after prayer that I had faith that I would get a job! It wasnít even a week later and I found work!


I called Min. L.T. to tell her the good news and we thanked God for his grace and mercy. I told Min. L.T. that I needed to buy a uniform for my new job, but I didnít have the money. We worked out a plan and FWTG Ministries provided me with the money to get my uniform, including a pair of black shoes, which was required.


I am happy to say that not only is my job going well, but I am out of the homeless shelter and have my own apartment. I called Min. L.T. to tell her and again we prayed and thanked God. Since then I have been going to church. I want to find a church home near where I live in Virginia. FWTG Ministries has a list of churches on their website. I know that God cares for me. For a while I was beginning to doubt. But FWTG Ministries reminded me that God loves me and cares about me and there are people out there who do care and that God has placed them there just for me. Now I want to do something to help someone else. Thank you God and thank you FWTG Ministries, Inc.!




My name is Debbie. I was a substance abuser for many years and was homeless. I found out about FWTG Ministries, Inc., when I met Min. L.T. Carson at the Harriet Tubman Homeless Shelter for Women in Washington, D.C., where I was staying temporarily. She was invited there by Sister 4 Sisters Ministry to preach and minister to the women. I was so uplifted after she ministered that I wanted to know more about her ministry. I remember that she prayed for me and a friend who has AIDS that I had met in the shelter. We were praying that God would move us out of the shelter and into our own place.


It wasnít until I met Min. L.T. and the rest of her team at a womenís prayer breakfast that I told her that my friend and I were about to move out of the shelter to share an apartment in Washington, DC. We had enough money for the first monthís rent, but didnít have the security deposit to move in. This time we spoke with the FWTG Ministries team of women. We all prayed and believed that God was going to provide us with what we needed. They took down all my information, prayed with us, and said they would get back with me on Monday. Really I didnít think they would, but they did. It was almost Christmas and we really wanted to be in our apartment by then.


Min. LT. kept me up to date as to how things were going. Either I would call her or she would call me. Each time I felt more confident that we would get the funds. FWTG Ministries was coordinating with a church named Agape Embassy Ministries to get us the money we needed. When all was said and done FWTG Ministries had coordinated with Agape Embassy Ministries, Sister 4 Sister Ministries, and the manager of the apartment building we were moving in. The funds were sent to the manager right on time, and my friend and I were able to move into our apartment before Christmas. What a great Christmas present that was!


We called Min. L.T. and thanked her and the FWTG Ministries team for helping our dream to come true. We thanked God who put it all together to make it happen. We also wrote the church that helped us. We are worshipping at the Greater Mt. Calvary Church of God in Christ in Washington, D.C. Thanks to FWTG Ministries, Inc. we both have jobs and have been living in the same apartment for 3 years and have not had to go back into a homeless shelter. God bless you and thank you for all your work on our behalf.

Debbie & Saundra



My name is Chantal. FWTG Ministries, Inc. has helped me more than once in the past 5 years. I canít tell it all. But I would like to give my testimony of how good God is. I am 21 years old and just had my third child. When I was four months pregnant, with my third baby, I called FWTG Ministries, Inc. because I was getting ready to get put out of a house where me and my kids were staying. I knew Min. L.T. to be a woman of GOD, and she has never judged me or preached at me. But I didn't know what she was going to say after I told her I was pregnant again and needed help. She didnít judge or preach but asked me how me and the kids were doing and whether we needed any help. We prayed together and then she said she would let the Holy Spirit lead her as to what to do.


When she called me back God had given her a plan for me. She worked with South County in Fairfax, VA to help make a plan for me and my kids. The first step was to get me out of the place where I was staying because they said we could not stay another night. They were going out of town and locking the doors so we couldnít get back in. FWTG Ministries called a hotel, which was right across from where Min. L.T. lives, and made arrangements for me and my kids to stay there until other plans were made. While there FWTG Ministries worked with the social workers while I went to the County and filled out paperwork. After three days I was able to find a place to stay for me and my kids. This was just in time for me to settle down and have my baby boy.


I really want to thank God and FWTG Ministries, Inc. for the many sacrifices they have made for me and my family. They led me and my family to Christ and also took me and my family to church on Sundays. They treat us like family. In a few months I will be going to college to major in the technical field of medicineóhelping to input medical records. When I graduate the college is going to find me a job. I hope to get my own apartment within a year and raise my children to love God.




My name is Tara. I am 36 years old and have 6 children. It has not been easy for me but God has always made a way. FWTG Ministries, Inc. has helped my family over the years. At a low time in my life me and my children had no place to stay. I had no job and was at the end of my rope. FWTG Ministriies, Inc. worked with United Community Ministries, Inc. a non-profit organization and got me into transitional housing. My family and I were able to stay there for 2 years and in the meantime I found a job and saved up money.


When the two years was up I found a nice place to stay in a very nice neighborhood but didnít have enough for the security deposit. Again, I called FWTG Ministries, Inc. and told them about my problem. They didn't judge me or scold me, but they prayed with me, asked me some questions and told me that I qualified for a grant. They would have to coordinate with some other non-profit agencies to work out a complete plan and goals for my future. FWTG Ministries, Inc. coordinated with Northern Virginia Families Services, a non-profit organization in Arlington, VA, who worked out a one year plan for me and my family and also paid my rent three months in advance!


I have a nice job, my kids are back in school and I am looking for a church home. Look how God has worked in my life, even though I did nothing to deserve it. God is a good God! FWTG Ministries, Inc. has treated me with nothing but love and respect. As a woman this has helped my self-esteem, which was way low. I just want to say thank you God and thank you FWTG Ministries, Inc.




My name is Ginny. I am 34 years old. I am a diabetic, I'm on dialysis, and I have AIDS. FWTG Ministries, Inc. was there for me and my family when I lived in my car during the winter. The only thing I had was a old car and a cell phone. Thank God for the cell phone because I was given the number to FWTG Ministries, Inc. by a friend who got it from a church. I called FWTG Ministries, Inc. and spoke with Min. L.T. Carson in the middle of a cold winter's night. My children and I had been sleeping in the car. It was the weekend, and all shelters I called were closed and said they would not be open for new comers until Monday morning. It was really cold outside and I began to cry. But Min. L.T. assured me after praying with me that God would provide. I was out in Prince Georges County, MD, and Min. L.T. was in Alexandria, VA. But God worked it out. FWTG Ministries, Inc. called a nearby hotel and made arrangements for me  and my kids to stay for the weekend. When we walked into that room that had heat, a bed, and a bathrooom, I was so thankful to God until I called Min. L.T. and must have stayed on the phone with her all night. But she listened to me and let me cry until I was cried out. She never judged me but rather she loved me back to life, faith, and hope.


At FWTG Ministries, Inc. urging, I have since joined Reid Temple A.M.E. where I was able to stay with a sister at that church until we found a place to stay. I called Min. L.T. to let her know that my kids and I have finally moved into a beautiful home and we are very happy. Thank you God and thank you FWTG Ministries, Inc. May the Lord keep you forever!




My name is Portia. FWTG Ministries, Inc. helped me work with my social worker to allow my family member to come and help me while I was recuperating from a major operation. Min. L.T. and I belonged to the same church. I was telling her that I was getting ready to go into the hospital but when I come out I will need someone to be at my home to help me. My mother was more than willing to come and help me, but because the government helped me get my apartment they had certain rules about people coming to live with me.


FWTG Ministries, Inc. talked with the social worker and wrote them a letter requesting that my mother come and stay with me after the operation. My request was approved and my mother was able to move in with me until I got better.


Thank you FWTG Ministries, Inc. 




My name is C. I have two children and live in Alexandria, VA. Because of the economy I needed an extra job to pay all my bills and to take care of my family. While looking for another job I started to get behind on my bills. I already knew about FWTG Ministries, Inc. and called a team member, Deacon Nadine Bryson.  I told her how much I needed. We prayed together and asked God to provide my family with the funds it needed. My application for funds was approved.


I am caught up on all of my bills and am working an extra job to keep up. Thank God for FWTG Ministries, Inc.


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