Fuzzy Friends Ferret Farm

Life is a zoo. Take a look why...


2002 - 04/06/12

I knew this day would come. The trilogy is over.
Woody has gone to be with Buzz.
Buzz and Woody are tearing it up once again.

Woody was one of, if not the best, Ferret we had.
He had such a sweet personality and got along
with every other ferret we had. He would
welcome all newcomers as well as any
others joining his community. He was the
best at making new friends and doking
in the tubes. His life was full and jubilant.
I know his life changed when Buzz passed,
but he kept on doking and made my life
that much better!



Today is a very sad day. Our beloved 'BUZZ' has gone on to the "RAINBOW BRIDGE".                                                              10/23/09

Born January 23, 2002, Buzz came into our lives together, with Woody, as cage-mates. GirlGirl had passed away a few weeks earlier and BoyBoy was very lonely and lethargic. BoyBoy took to Buzz and Woody as if they had been together forever. They would dook and run and beat each other up, all the while ending up wrapped up like a laundry bundle when they went to sleep.


         Eventually, Buzz became the ALPHA MALE of the group: BoyBoy, Buzz, Woody, Speedy, Oliver, Crash, and Freddy. Buzz would be chasing one minute and the next he was being chased. He loved all his cage-mates. Through the maze, under the cages, in and out of the tubes, it would always make me laugh.
        There were two communities. The bullies which included Buzz ofcourse, and the wimps, which were the more docile mustella. Once in a while, when the communities were switching playtime, one of the wimps would hide. When Buzz came out, the first thing he would do was sniff around looking for unsuspecting victims. THEN the screaming would start. I would have to scurry over and grab whomever was closest and peace would resume. Many times I would be kneeling down playing with Buzz and his 'partners in crime' and one of the cats, usually Moe or Larry, would jealously come over and lay down beside me. That was always something they regretted. Buzz and his buddies had a knack for biting the cats private parts and the cats would lightning bolt out of there.
       As the years went by, friends would come and go, but the close bond between Buzz and Woody always remained. Then came WeaselBoy and Digger. They too, were cage-mates unto themselves. Digger was very passive. WeaselBoy was an Alpha. SPARKS and FUR! Now there were three communities. In an attempt to combine living space, we tried to have Buzz and WeaselBoy settle their differences. Nope... Not happening... The two Alpha males were not going to give an inch. We eventually re-adopted WeaselBoy and Digger. Buzz reamined the KING of KINGS.
       From the day Buzz came into our lives, he always had a peanut sized bump at the tip of his tail. On August 12, 2008 the peanut had overnight grown to the size of a grape. Buzz went in for surgery on August 15 to have it removed. During the pre-surgery set-up Dr. B. discovered two lumps under his right front armpit. Without time to biopsy them, the lumps were removed along with the tip of his tail. For a week Buzz had to wear a mesh sock with the two front legs cutout, so he would not chew the stitches under his leg. Keeping it on him was a chore unto itself. He figured out how to sneak under the cage and scratch his back on the edge and pull the sock off. Then he would scurry around laughing at me, "ha ha I got it off and you can't catch me to put it back on". It was pretty funny. The hair under his leg and on his tail eventually grew back and Buzz was "Buzz" again.
      Buzz always had such a beautiful, thick, white coat. During a bath in July of 2009, Buzz had a small bald spot on his head and one on his back. Normally bald spots at the base of the tail indicate medical problems. In August he was diagnosed with Lymphoma. He had lumps at the back of his jaw on both sides. While this is common in senoir ferrets, in most cases it is not cureable. Buzz was put on prednisolone twice a day. Ofcourse it had to 'watermelon' flavored or he would turn his nose up at the smell. We knew the time would be short but the meds delayed the spread somewhat. Although his energy levels were decreasing and his playtime was now only lasting several minutes, he was still his Alpha Male "BUZZ".  On October 15th 2009 he came out to play while Tank {a wimpy} was still out, sleeping in the corner. WOW, Buzz was still the Alpha. I held Tank for several minutes to calm him down.
     Buzz and Woody were the only two left in the Taj bully community. Woody did get along with most of the wimpy group though. On August 17, I let Woody out for playtime with the wimpies and he loved it. They ended up piling on like laundry and slept. When they awoke, I put Woody back in with Buzz, and Buzz was not happy with him and attacked him. I separated them and thought maybe the smell of the others was what Buzz had detected. I let Buzz out by himself and put Woody in their cage. Maybe sleeping where they both slept would put their smell back on Woody. It didn't. Buzz and Woody were now enemies. I was devestated. I guess Woody was too. They were "best buds" since forever, and now, when Buzz needed Woody the most, he pushed him away.
    On October 22, Buzz came out for playtime and was not his normal self. I noticed he was unsteady and his front left paw was knuckling under. I held him for awhile and he couldn't stop shaking. I put out his favorite hammock and a sweatshirt and he managed to crawl into it and curled up. I knew his time was nearing rapidly. I again tried to let Woody see his buddy so they could spend whatever time was left, together. This time it was very different. Buzz was curled up and did not even lift his head when Woody climbed up to sniff. Woody went around and did the sniff and crawl and Buzz was oblivious. I let the rest of the group out and they all came over and looked and sniffed. Buzz, back in the day, would have had a field day. This day was not the case. I then knew it was time. I let each of them come over and sniff. I called Dr.B. and told him it was his time. On October 23, 2009 at 8:40am, with the help of Dr.B., Buzz left for the "Rainbow Bridge" where my Dad is patiently waiting and taking care of all our 'kids'...
    Buzz, you were my strength when I was weak, my friend when I was lonely. You made me laugh so often watching you find the most uninteresting things to play with. You loved the rag box, the easter egg tub, the miles of ferretrail tubes and the always different configurations, and Woody. I know we will be together again. I miss you and I love you. You will always be in my heart and around my neck.

Kaddish Prayer #10

The light of life is a finite flame.
Like the Sabbath candles, life is kindled, it burns, it glows, it is radiant with warmth and beauty.
But soon it fades, its substance is consumed, and it is no more.

In light we see, in light we are seen.
The flames dance and our lives are full.
But as night follows day, the candle of our life burns down and gutters.
There is an end to the flames.
We see no more and are no more seen.
Yet we do not despair, for we are more than a memory slowly fading into the darkness.
With our lives we give life.
Something of us can never die:
                                we move in the eternal cycle of darkness and death,
                                                                                                              of light and life...


"BUZZ"           The Alpha Male, King of Kings!   01/23/02 - 10/23/09             



Jinks, my buddy                                      

      January 8, 2008

Nov 9th was a day we'll all remember. We rescued you but the damage had already been done. You came to us looking happy and healthy but we all knew you were not. The poisons did more damage than we could fix. You and Finnegan spent 2 months knowing what love and happiness is and we're glad but Finny misses you so much. Grand mal siezures took over and it was your time to be healthy and happy again. You left quietly after a massive episode that took its toll on us all. You were a special friend and tears of joy and saddness fill our hearts. WLY...



PUFF The Magic Ferret

PUFF                 2003 - 12/06/2007  12:10pm

Puff, you came to us as a neglected, abused and ill fuzzy with your similarly ill cagemate,
TAZ. Although you were very sick, you dooked and romped like you were a baby out for
the first group play. Your plump figure was deceiving. You came into our lives without a
name and thats how you became our "PUFF".

You came to your final 'loving forever home' on August 28, 2007. Ironically, thats my Dads
birthday. { maybe a sign}.  When you joined our 'farm', everybody greeted you with love
and kisses and you fit like a glove in no time.

You knew in your heart we did everything medically that we could to make your life pain free,
loving and enjoyable. You enjoyed every minute in community play time romping with Ralphie,
Polar, TaffyGirl and Jumpy. We also loved holding you and playing with you as you would
run through the tubes and take all the swatches. Watching you dig into the swatch bin was a joy
unto itself. You brought smiles and tears to our faces all at the same time. We knew the day
would come when it was your time. Although it was much too soon, you now have a healthy
body with a full thick coat of beautiful sable hair. I often called you my lion because with your
hair loss, the only hair was around your head and neck, just like a lions mane.

We will miss you. Taz already misses you. Ralphie went up and down in the cage last night
looking for you. Its a sad day when a friend leaves for the Rainbow Bridge. I know you are
in a better place now and GirlGirl, BoyBoy, Javagirl, Dozer and my Dad, Poppy and Nanny are
there with you. Take care my friend, ILY...
Puff, the magic ferret
          lived by the sea,
                      And frolicked in the family room
                                      in a land called New Jersey.
Ralph, Jumpy and Taffy
                  loved that rascal Puff,
                             The kisses that you gave us
                                                told us you weren't that tough...


BoyBoy and GirlGirl are together again... 7/9/07 5:21pm


Last night as I was in bed, I awoke {dreaming} to a very familiar sound. BoyBoy was doking and rolling and hopping and just his nutty self. He stopped suddenly, turned and slowly climbed up into my lap like he had done so many times before. He said "Dad, I know you're doing your best, and I love you for it, But I think its time for me to go and see if I can find my sister". I started to cry and he told me that all his buddies downstairs agreed that they would make an extra effort to help Mel and I to get past this difficult time and that while he and Weaselboy didn't really get along that well, Weaselboy said he would give 10 extra kisses each day if I needed them. Well, you can imagine my emotional state at this point. Through a rainfall of tears I begged him to let me keep trying. I even said that I would ask Dr. Briggs for any extra special things I could do. He just looked up at me, climbed up my chest, layed his head on my neck and went to sleep. When I finally did awake I ran downstairs to see my buddy. He was in real bad shape. I kneeled down and went through my routine of feedings. I sat and stroked his head and he dragged his almost lifeless body and curled up between my legs. At 5:21 this afternoon, Dr. Racier, Melanie and myself helped BoyBoy lift his spirit to seek his sister. Girlgirl has been waiting 2 years at the Rainbow Bridge for me or Mel, but especially for her waddling brother. They can now run and jump and romp and steal things just like they did, happy and carefree... Dad, take care of my Boyboy...

Tuesday July 31, 2007 welcoming BoyBoy

Hi all dis is SaraFerret.  Wowsie, has I been busy lately.  In de past month lotsa 
ferrets been zipping across de bridge.  Lets see...

BoyBoy, furchild of Daddy Larry crossed de bridge and was met by me and GirlGirl.
What a reunion. Lets me tell you all abouts it. He just trotted rights across
de bridge and walked rights up to me just like he knew me and introduced himself
to me saying Hi, I am BoyBoy, I know, I know, my name is kinda funny, but dat is
whats my daddy names me. Are you Miss SaraFerret, the bridgegreeter, you look
kinda funny, not like a regular ferret. I just looked at BoyBoy and said, I know,
I just look like what I am. What you see is what's you gets. I am de bridgegreeter,
anyway.  BoyBoy said ok, just wanted to make sure dat I was in de right place,
didnt want to make a mistake and greet a rabbit by mistake or a skunk or something. 
Then we both laughed at that.  I agreed with him that I wasnt a pretty ferret but
that some ferrets werent all  pretty, but that all ferrets were beautiful creations
in God's eyes.  Den all of a sudden, his best friend, GirlGirl, came up beside us.
What a super reunion.  Wardancing and leaps and jumps.  Wowsie.  Such high jumps,
even without wings.  Dey were flying even without wings.  Even God came out to see
dis beautiful reunion of two loving ferrets.  Such joy, such absolute happiness and
bouncing and love.

Finally dey settled down and relaxed.  Den I was able to talk to BoyBoy and walk
with him over to the misting pond and he and GirlGirl were able to gaze down upon
his beloved earthly humans and both he and his ferret sis whispered a promise dat
dey would one day make a visit to dem if only in a dream and leave a musky kiss and
scratch dere cheeks wit dere whiskers as a memory of dere visit.

Den we both traveled down de path to dere cottage for a reunion party and to get
BoyBoy's new wings of glory which he would need to fly de heavens.

Loveys and hugs from de bridge
SaraFerret BoyBoy GirlGirl