Fuzzy Friends Rescue and Shelter

This page has nothing to do with the ferrets! LOL! My Orchids! The only part that it does have to do with my ferrets is that I love to get a new plant in memory of a loved one that has gone to the Rainbow Bridge! Recently, Toast and Helena' made their trip to the Rainbow Bridge and the 2 Phals that are blooming are in their memory! I do hope you enjoy this page too! That is the only thing it has to do with the ferrets! The Christmas and Easter Cactus also were gotten in memory of ferrets passed to the Rainbow Bridge! Dook on my babies! I will see you again one day!

Here are pix of my Phals!

Here you can see some of my Phals with some Christmas and Easter Catus. They get the Eastern Sun and of course the humidity with the sink here.

This is pretty much the same pix only closer as you can not see the sink as much!