Fuzzy Friends Rescue and Shelter

     The Ferret Fun Show is HAPPENING!!

We are having a ferret show in Shreveport, LA!

The show was a HUGE success as we had soo much fun!! Pix are posted on the Rodeo's page and that link is below. We are also working on a new website for next years show! Yes we are planning on having it again as it was so much fun! You do NOT want to miss it!!!!! We had over 39 ferrets in attendance so get your fuzzie and come on! Check out the Rodeo website for the full info!

The show is April 16th, 2011 at the La Quinta hotel in Shreveport, LA right off I-20!

Email me NBlondebeautie@aol.com to see what we are doing! It is going to be full of fun with all the fuzzies!  It is a show you don't want to miss out on! North, South, East or West, Southern Hospitality at its best!

Get to meet fuzzie friends. To go to the webpage with the Show info on it, go to http://fuzziefriendsrodeo.com