Fuzzy Friends Rescue and Shelter

About Me

The shelter began due to Hurricane Katrina when it hit the gulf coast in August 2005. Being a member of the Humane Society of NW Louisiana, I was already involved with animal rescue and sheltering in my home. I was the only member of the Humane Society that had ferrets and knew anything about the ferrets. I received a call from Renee Downs about a little girl ferret that had been in the Hurricane and was possibly adrenal as she was without her fur. She was found in a warehouse in New Orleans area and the people that saw her didn't know what she was and wanted to beat her to death until someone recognized what she was. Renee contacted me about this little girl and how could we get her to me. One of the other members of the Humane Society of NW Louisiana was headed down that was the very next day so I gave the phone to him to get directions on where to go to get that baby girl and bring her back up here to me. Soon, more ferrets were coming up from the storm and they would go to my home until the allotted time we had to keep the animals before putting them up for adoption as set forth by the Governor of Louisiana. Soon other people began to call the Humane Society to see where they could surrender a ferret since we were on the news so much during that time. That is how this rescue began for me.
I have been a member of the Humane Society of NW Louisiana since 2000. It is all on a volunteer basis for the good for the animals.  I am  a "board member" and the "Media" person for the Humane Society of NW Louisiana.