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I am primarly a set builder and am presently working mostly on vintage sets. When I started back into the hobby in 1986 I had only a handfull of cards from my youth: a few 1966 Topps and Philadelphia football cards. It was strange that I had hung onto those, since baseball cards were really my interest. In any event, I started collecting again and focused on buying complete sets, primarily in baseball, of the then three major manufacturers: Donruss, Fleer and Topps. With the onslaught of varied sets, premium sets etc. in the mid '90's, I began to pretty much restrict "new stuff" to putting together a set of Topps each year, while I work my way back through the years. Occasionally something else catches my eye and so I will start on that; e.g. I am working on 1992 Bowman, 2001-2015 Topps Heritage and 2003 UD Playball. However, my principal focus is on older sets and I am now working on early 50's Topps and Bowman. A few years ago I began to expand my collection beyond baseball. I have football sets from the 50's 60's and 70's, as well as basketball sets from the 60's and 70's. These are listed on the "My Collection" page below. I am working on filling in around those sets and expanding into other sets as I can. I appreciate any help you might have. Thank you.

I have complete sets of Topps starting in 1953 through the present (OK, a few of the recent sets need a few cards!).

I have complete sets of 53 Bowman (both color and B&W) 54 Bowman and 55 Bowman.

I have Fleer sets from the late 50s and early 60's and Donruss and Fleer sets from 81 through 92.

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My Collection: Baseball


1952:   Wheaties

1953:   Bowman (B&W); Bowman (Color); Topps; 1991 Topps Reprint

1954:   Bowman; Topps

1955:   Bowman; Topps

1956:   Topps

1957:   Topps

1958:   Topps

1959:   Topps

1960:   Fleer; Leaf; Topps

1961:   Topps

1962:   Exhibit Stat Backs; Topps

1963:   Fleer; Topps

1964:   Topps; Topps Stand-Ups

1965:   Topps

1966:   Topps

1967:   Topps

1968:   Topps; Topps Game

1969:   Topps

1970:   Fleer; Topps; Topps Story Booklets

1971:   Fleer; Topps

1972:   Topps; Topps White Team Checklists

1973:   Topps; Topps Blue Team Checklists

1974:   Topps; Topps Traded

1975:   Topps; Topps Mini

1976:   Topps; Topps Traded

1977:   Topps

1978:   1978 Tastee-Freeze Discs; Topps

1979:   Topps; Topps Test Comic Wrappers

1980:   Topps

1981:   Donruss; Fleer; Topps; Topps Traded Factory

1982:   Donruss; Fleer; Topps; Topps Traded Factory

1983:   Donruss; Fleer; Topps; Topps Traded Factory

1984:   Donruss; Fleer; Slurpee 7-11 East, Central, and West Coin Disc; Topps

1985:   Donruss Factory; Donruss; Fleer; Fleer Update Factory; Topps; Topps Traded Factory; Topps All-Time Record Holders

1986:   Donruss Factory; Donruss; Donuss The Rookies; Fleer Factory; Fleer; Fleer Update Factory; Topps; Topps Factory; Topps Mini Leaders; Topps Traded; Topps Traded Factory; Topps Traded Tiffany

1987:   Donruss Factory; Donruss; Donruss Hilights; Fleer Factory; Fleer; Fleer Tin; Fleer Update; Fleer Update Tin; Topps Factory; Topps; Topps Traded Factory: Topps All-Star Set Collector's Edition ; Topps Mini Leaders

1988:   Donruss Factory; Donruss; Fleer  Factory; Fleer; Fleer Update Factory; Fleer Update Mini; Score Factory; Pacific Baseball Legends; Topps Factory; Topps; Topps Mini Leaders;Topps Traded Factory; Topps Rookies Commemorative Set ProCards Albany-Colonie Yankees (Eastern League) Team Set; Eastern League All-Star Set (Vizquel)

1989:   Bowman Factory; DonrussFactory;Donruss; Fleer Factory; Fleer; Score Factory; Topps Factory; Topps; Topps Traded Factory; Upper Deck; Upper Deck Factory; Upper Deck Factory High # Series.

1990:   Donruss; Fleer; Leaf; Score; Topps Factory; Topps; Topps Traded Factory; Upper Deck Factory;Upper Deck;Upper Deck Jackson Heroes;ProCards Pawtucket Red Sox (International League) Team Set; Star Albany-Colonie Yankees (Eastern League) Team Set (Bernie Williams)

1991:   Donruss; Fleer; Fleer Pro Visions; Leaf; Leaf Gold Rookies;Score; Topps Factory; Topps; Topps Traded Factory; Upper Deck Factory; Upper Deck; Upper Deck Extended; Upper Deck Aaron Heroes; Upper Deck Ryan Heroes; Upper Deck Williams Heroes;Line Drive Syracuse Chiefs (International League) Team Set

1992:   Donruss; Donruss Diamond Kings; Fleer; Fleer All Stars; Fleer Clemens; Leaf; Leaf Gold Rookies;Topps Factory; Topps; Topps Traded Factory; Topps Stadium Club; Topps Stadium Club Dome;Ultra; Ultra All-Rookies; Ultra All-Stars;Ultra Award Winners; Ultra Gwynn; Upper Deck;Upper Deck Bench/Morgan Heroes; Upper Deck Home Run Heroes; Upper Deck Extended

1993:   Topps Factory; Topps; Topps  Traded; Topps Traded Factory; Upper Deck;Upper Deck Mays Heroes; U.S Playing Card M.L.B. Aces

1994:   Nabisco All-Star Legends; Topps Factory; Topps

1995:   Topps Factory; Topps Hobby; Topps

1996:   Topps Factory; Topps; Topps Profiles; 

1997:   Topps Factory; Topps; Topps Mantle; Topps Season's Best; Upper Deck Jackie Robinson

1998:   Topps Factory; Topps; Topps Clemente Tribute; Topps Etch-A-Sketch; Topps Hall of Fame; Topps Rookie Class

1999:   ToppsFactory; Topps; Topps Lords of The Diamond; Topps Power Brokers;

2000:   Topps Factory; Topps; Topps 21st Century; Topps All Rookie Team; Topps All-Topps; Topps Combos; Topps Hands of Gold; Topps Perennial All Stars; Topps Power Players

2001:   Bowman Heritage 1948 Reprints; Topps Factory; Topps; Topps A Look Ahead; Topps Before There Was Topps; Topps Combos; Topps What Could Have Been; Topps Heritage; Topps Heritage Classic Renditions; Topps Heritage New Age Performers; Topps Heritage Then & Now;

2002:   Topps Factory; Topps; Topps 1952 Reprints; Topps All-World; Topps East Meets West; Topps Hooby Masters; Topps Own The Game; Topps Ring Masters; Topps World Series Highlights;Topps Heritage' Tops Heritage Classic Renditions; Topps Heritage Then & Now

2003:   Topps Factory; Topps;Topps Own The Game; topps Traded; Topps Heritage; Topps Heritage New Age Performers; Topps Then & Now

2004:   Topps Factory; Topps; Topps Traded; Topps Hit Parade; Topps Heritage Flashbacks

2005:   Topps Factory  (Yankee Edition ); Topps Series I and II; Topps All Stars; Topps Dem Bums; Topps Grudge Match; Topps Updates & Highlights; Topps Heritage Flashbacks; Topps Heritage Then & Now

2006:   Topps Factory, Topps Series I and II; Topps Own The Game; Topps Rookie of The Week; Topps Stars; Topps Trading Places; Topps Updates & Highlights; Topps Heritage Then & Now

2007    Topps Factory, Topps Series I and II; Topps Distinguished Service; Topps Flashback Fridays, Topps Opening Day Team v Team; Topps Stars; Topps Trading Places; Topps Unlock The Mick; Topps Ted Williams;Topps Updates & Highlights; Topps Heritage New Age Performers

2008    Topps Factory, Topps Series I and II; Topps Own The Game; Topps Stars; Topps Trading Card History; Topps Update Year In Review; Topps Heritage Flashbacks; Topps Heritage News Flashbacks; Upper Deck Heroes of Baseball

2009    Topps Series I; Upper Deck Series I

2010    Topps; Topps History of The Game; Topps History of The World Series;  Topps Tales of The Game; Topps More Tales of The Game; Topps Vintage Legends; Topps Update; Topps Chrome

2011    Topps; Topps Factory; Topps Before There Was Topps; Topps Series 1 & 2 Diamond Duos; Topps History of Topps; Topps Series 1 Kimball Champions; Topps Toppstown; 

2012    Topps; Topps Factory; Topps Classic Walk Offs; Topps Timeless Talents; Topps Gold Standard (Ser.1 & 2); Topps Golden Futures; Topps Mound Dominance;

2013    Topps; Topps Factory; Topps Calling Card; Topps Chasing The Dream; Topps Chase It Down; Topps World Baseball Classic; Topps Update; Topps Update Post Season Heroes;Topps Update Franchise Forerunners; Topps Heritage Then & Now; Topps Heritage News Flashbacks;

2014    Topps; Topps All Rookie Cup; Topps Future Is Now (Ser. 1 & 2); Topps Super Vereran; Topps Update Fond Farewells; Topps Heritage New Age Performers; Topps Heritage News Flashbacks; Topps Heritage Then & Now; 

2015    Topps; Topps Arche-Types;  Topps Highlight of The Year (Ser. I,  II and UD); Topps Inspiration; Topps First Pitch (Ser. I & II); Topps Free Agent 40; Topps Heart of the Order; Topps Robbed; Topps The Babe Ruth Story; Topps Stepping Up; Topps Update; Topps Update Pride and Perseverance; Topps Update Rarities; Topps Update Tape Measure Blasts; Topps Update Whatever Works;Topps Heritage Baseball Flashbacks; Topps Heritage New Age Performers; Topps Heritage News Flashbacks; Topps Heritage High Numbers Combo Cards;

2017 Topps Factory 

2014     Topps Series1; Topps Factory
2015     Topps Series1;

My Collection: Basketball


1969-70:  Topps

1970-71:  Topps

1971-72:  Topps

1972-73:  Topps

1973-74:  Topps

1974-75:  Topps

1975-76:  Topps

1976-77:  Topps

1977-78:  Topps

1978-79:  Topps

1979-80:  Topps

1989-90:  Fleer

1990-91:  Fleer, Hoops,Skybox

1991-92:  Hoops, Hoops Update



My Collection: Football


1954:  Bowman

1955:  Bowman

1956:  Topps

1957:  Topps

1958:  Topps

1959:  Topps

1960:  Fleer,  Topps

1961:  Fleer,  Topps

1962:  Fleer,  Topps

1963:  Fleer, Topps

1964:  Philadelphia,  Topps

1965:  Philadelphia

1966:  Philadelphia,  Topps

1967:  Philadelphia,  Topps

1968:  Topps Stand-Ups

1969:  Topps

1970:  Topps

1971:  Topps

1972:  Topps

1976:  Wonder Bread All Stars; Crane's Discs

1989:  Pro Set

1990:  Pro Set, Score, Topps

1991:  Pro Line; Ultra; Upper Deck; Upper Deck Extended; Upper Deck Game Breaker Holograms; Upper Deck Montana Heroes; Upper Deck Namath Heroes.

My Collection : Non Sportscards

Complete Sets

1959: Fabian

1959: Fleer Three Stooges

1965: Man From U.N.C.L.E.

1966: Topps Civil War News