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[VIDEO] The Pauline Paradox by 119 Ministries – Part 1 “Is the Majority Ever Wrong?”

Understanding Paul Excerpt from Keeping Yahweh's Appointments
revised with supplemental studies
Jonathan David Brown

Paul the Law-Keeper  By David Hinkley

The APOSTLE PAUL -- Commandment Breaker, or Commandment Keeper?

[PDF] Did The Apostle Shaul Do Away With Yahweh’s Law?

The New Testament: Rightly Divided or Torn Apart?

Quest for the Real Paul Did Paul steal Christianity from Jesus to make it a world religion? Journey through the Mediterranean region to the center of the Roman Empire and discover some of the myths and misconceptions that surround the apostle Paul and his teachings. Read more about "Quest for the Real Paul"   Watch Video Promo  ORDER NOW

Goads and Gamaliel: The Sin and Death of Rav Sha'ul by Rob Vanhoff

The Dead Sea Scrolls & Paul For those who base their ideas about HaMashiyach on the writings of "Paul the Apostle" here are some extremely important factors to consider.  Recent discoveries in the Dead Sea Scrolls indicate it is very apparent that Paul never spoke against or nullified Torah, as many have and are being taught.  Discoveries in the Dead Sea Scrolls provide insight into the meaning of the key phrases "Works of the Law" and "Under the Law", which are both descriptive of ultra religious halacha, not the Torah itself.

Paul: Greatest or False Apostle?

About the Apostle Paul

Shaul of Tarsos = 666/616 ???

vs. Jesus
Davis D. Danizier

The Problem With Paul – Free Downloadable Ebook


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