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Many are deceived into believing that Yahweh our Heavenly Father and Creator and His son Yahshua whom He raised from the dead (resurrected) and anointed and appointed as King to reign for 1,000 years are "one and (or in) the same being". The Scripture passage that many frequinty give reference to prove this is where Yahshua said "I and my Father are one." I would like you to note that he did not say 'one and the same being', but that they are one. The words 'and the same being' are added to what he truely said to deceive one into believing that this is what he meant by this statement. Also note in the context of what he said that he is a son and that Yahweh is his Father.

Revelation 22:18 it states what is the outcome of those who add onto the words of the book of this prophecy. We are not to add any words onto what was revealed to Yahshua by his Father Yahweh. To add words onto what someone says changes the meaning of what they truely mean to say and in turn one is giving their own private interpretation.

So, what did Yahshua truely mean by his stateing that he and Father Yahweh are one? So as not to give our own private interpretation of what Yahshua said, we must look at other things that he said when using the word 'one'. So, let us look at another statement that Yahshua made in communication (prayer) to Father Yahweh where he used the word 'one'.

"And the esteem you have given me I have given them;
that they may be one even as we are one." (Yahchanan [John] 17:22)

Now, when Yahshua states that the men that Father Yahweh gave him from the earth "... be one even as they are one.", does he mean that these men and Father Yahweh are 'one and (or in) the same being'? Certainly not! We can now see clearly what Yahshua meant by being one with Father Yahweh truely is. He was clearly saying that they were in one accord, in unity, or in complete agreement with each other as the following passages of Scripture also strongly suggest.

Click on the following hyperlinked Scriptural passages to observe diverse translations.

Yahchanan [John] 17:21,23
; 11:52; 10:16; Acts 11:14; 2:1,46; 4:24,32; 5:12  

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