Fountainhead Fly Fishing Furled Leaders/Lines

Fountainhead Fly Fishing Furled Leaders

Good Ideas stand the test of time.

Furled leaders have been used by the fly fishing community for the past several hundred years. The concept of Furled Leaders leaders has been passed down to modern day anglers from the fore fathers of fly fishing, names like Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton.  The Furling construction process was first used to twist hairs from horse's tails to make a long tapered leader.  Today modern materials have replaced the horse tails, but the exact same handmade construction technique is used.

Furled leaders outperform knotted/unknotted single strand mono leaders in every aspect – turnover, suppleness, shock absorption, accuracy and durability.  

You will notice how different furled leaders are immediately, long before you make your first cast.  Have you ever opened a packaged single strand mono leader, then spent the next 20 minutes trying to get it untangled.  The whole mess looks like an exploded clock spring.  What causes the problem is that the single strand mono leader has memory, it's been coiled up in a package, and it wants to stay coiled up when you open it.  With furled leaders, just grab and end and give it a slight shake, the whole leader will fall into a nice straight line from your hand.  The furled leader does not develop the memory coils you see with a single stranded leader. 

The standard leaders measure five (5) or seven (7) feet, to which you will add a three to five foot tippet to match the size fly you are fishing.  You can attach your tippet using a loop-to-loop, or the same type of knot you use to tie on your fly.  After adding your tippet, you will end up with a leader between eight and twelve feet long. (Full instructions come with the leader).

I use a very fine monofilament nylon material to build my leaders.  It takes over 225 feet of material to construct a single leader.   This allows me to build  a leader which has a smooth gradual continuous taper.  This in turn assures you a smooth and gentle turnover of your leader, tippet and fly.  These leaders turn over so well you can cast them by hand - try that with the single strand mono leader you are currently using.

Trout fisherman love furled leaders They are supple so they provide drag free floats when fishing in streams and rivers.  The built-in stretch provides shock absorption to protect fine tippets, plus, did I mention they turn over like a dream? 

These leaders work particularly well if you like to fish a popper or rubber spider for panfish and bass.  You won’t believe how well they delivers bulky, air resistant flies.

As an added bonus, these leaders are VERY durable. They can easily last an entire season, maybe more, of hard fishing.

Complete instructions regarding how to attach the leader to your fly line, and how to attach tippet material to the leader are included with each leader.

In summary, the advantages a furled leader will provide -

  • Memory free, no need to spend time "straightening" your leader
  • Increase accuracy due to positive turnover 
  • Reduced micro-drag
  • Natural elasticity protects light tippets
  • Compatible with a wide variety of tippet sizes
  • User Friendly to novice fly fishers , not prone to wind knots


If you’ve never tried a furled leader before, do a little research, then try one. You’ll never go back to a single strand mono leader again. You won’t be disappointed.

 The most cost effective way to increase your fishing pleasure.