Star Wars: Empire at War

This new Star Wars RTS is a revolutionary addition to the Star Wars universe. With single player campaign and a galactic conquest modes, you take control of either the sneaky Rebel Alliance or the materialistic Galactic Empire and battle it out on land and in space across the entire Star Wars galaxy. If a small scale battle is what you're looking for, take it to a single match in skirmish mode. With both factions available on both land and space battle, fight epic battles your way. This is a perfect game for any die hard Star Wars fan.

Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption Expansion:

The expansion pack to Star Wars: Empire at War, Forces of Corruption adds new units like the Tie Defender, and new heroes like Yoda into the battle, as well as a brand new faction, the Zann Consortium. Tyber Zann is the leader of the criminal faction that seeks to not just control the galaxy, but to own it. Armed with everything from new battleships to suicidal Ewoks, the Consortium is fit to carry out its task unopposed, as long as the player can handle their might.

Star Wars: Battlefront II

Including epic battles from the entire Star Wars saga, Star Wars: Battlefront II is a great sequel. Play as a jedi on maps from Geonosis to Endor, and use you lightsaber to cut down your enemy. Play in modes such as Hunt and Capture the flag, and fight as Ewoks to Wampas in this all out FPS of Star Wars battlefields.


Star Wars: Empire at War:

Star Wars: Battlefront II:


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