World in Conflict

It's 1989, the Cold War is supposed to end. But it doesn't. Based on a surprise attack on NATO by the USSR, World in Conflict is full of action. With a new type of RTS interface, World in Conflict makes it so that you're playing off of a ticket and point based system. With this, you don't have to spend time getting resources, and you can spend more time fighting. With an online ranking system, World in Conflict multiplayer is competitive, as well as fun. Fight for the US, NATO, or the USSR, and decide the fate of World War III.

Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes revives the World War II genre of gaming as a force to be reckoned with. Its graphics are stunning, with fully destructible terrain. Yes, you heard right. Fully Destructible Terrain! The original game pits the German Whermacht against the Americans in the battle for the control of Normandy, while the stand-alone expansion pack Opposing Fronts (with full interactivity with the original game) throws the British and German Pazer Elite into the fray. The game's mapping team has provided some of the most detailed maps you will see in an rts both in campaign and multiplayer/skirmish and if you have the time, you can also (with the latest patch or Opposing Fronts) use the game's world builder to create maps of your own. Although the game is centered around multiplayer gaming, skirmish matches are just as challenging when you get up into the higher difficulty settings (although the ai pathing isn't that great, the ai uses cover and tactics to great effect). If you're a big World War II buff (gaming or not), or are new to the genre, we recommend you pick a copy up a.s.a.p.!

America's Army: Special Forces

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